Monday, December 1, 2008

Things for which I am grateful:

  • My family: how weird is it that I’d rather spend time with them than anyone else in the world? Apparently to a coworker of mine, and many many holiday movies based on the premise of escaping such situations, it is very weird.

  • My family dos: my extended family could wrap around the globe twice if you lined us up (what with my mom having 10 siblings and all…hi aunts!). Somehow the completely chaotic atmosphere of our infrequent gatherings has a buzz of laughter and is so much fun to be around. Not to mention on this thanksgiving we sat around playing games and telling jokes until my cheeks hurt I was laughing so hard. Always worth the excessive car time to get there and then some.

  • Friends: how I ever got so many people to laugh at my jokes and agree to hang out with me is just beyond me. They are fabulous and hilarious in their own right, and are so good to me.

  • My education. I hate school right now (p.s. at this very moment I am procrastinating studying for the presentation I will give tonight, woof), but am grateful for higher education and eager for the future. Minus the part about repaying loans.

  • O-BA-MA. Sorry, it’s obnoxious, I know.

  • Good Health. Though not everyone I care about has been able to dodge illness, in the past year there have been more recoveries and remissions than not, and for that I am eternally grateful.

  • Food. I feel I have only recently discovered the world outside Little Debbie and other individually packaged things more or less resembling kid food. It’s a good world, where things like pomegranates and acorn squash have entered into my vocabulary and pantry. Not just healthy food though, indulging in the butter/sour-cream/French-onion russet mashed potatoes, and going back for thirds is amazing and completely worth it.

  • Indoor Plumbing. It seems so simple, but we watched a few episodes this weekend of ‘John Adams’ the HBO miniseries which reminds you how all of the comforts of civilized and modern life make things infinitely easier and more sanitary.

  • Gainful employment. Everyone’s jobs has their pros and cons. A big ‘pro’ these days is having a paycheck at all. Yikes.

  • Sunday Fundays exploring the city and laughing all day (like yesterday at the art gallery).

  • The feeling of thawing out when jumping into a heated car, or taking a hot shower after standing in the rain/snow for four hours watching Mizzou lose to the overly obnoxious KU.

  • Being mere WEEKS away from the next Holiday when I will be one semester closer to graduation, and will get to have all of this friend, food, and family time all over again.

p.s. more chronicles of my food adventures coming tomorrow, I promise :)