Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Are we there yet?

Who has to work on Christmas eve? me, that's who. Little does my employer know that I am completely worthless on days like today (something that begins in elementary school where the day before Christmas break all you do is have crazy sugar rushes from holiday treats and watch tim allen santa movies). My brother is in town and will arrive here at work within the hour so we can whisk away to our parents house (driving ever so carefully in the fresh snow that is everywhere from last night) ..were the festivities/joy/hilarity/wonderfulness can commence upon our arrival. I can't wait!!!! Last night I was trying to cram in baking and producing treats for my boss and a few extra for John's family. I was unhappy with the presentation (after all, isn't it ALL about the presentation??) but after running around to a million craft/grocery/misc. stores over the past week and having some gift bag induced stress, I just decided to go with this. It turned out okay but still wasn't quite what I had in mind. Note to self: stop trying to be a perfectionist. The food was good though, I made chocolate covered pretzels and peppermint bark. YUM.
The peppermint bark was from this recipe. Take note all martha wannabes (ahem, jaclyn) because the hungry housewife blog is ridiculously crafty. It makes me wish I had PTO meetings and other things where I could display said craftiness. Okay, not really but you know what I mean. I layered dark chocolate (whipped with cream and peppermint extract) with white chocolate and had some crushed candy canes on top. REALLY good if I do say so myself!

And now I present..... a foodshoesbooze special feature, a guest picture of food spot. John and I have cooked dinner together the past few nights (me = baking and doing other miscellaneous tasks, john = focusing on the meal at hand). He told me I could take a picture of the meal if I promise to give him credit. My compliments to the chef, the ever so talented John. The other night we had sauteed green beans, a salmon Florentine roll from the meat counter at the grocery store (spinach, red peeper, cream cheese? it was amazing), and a salad of mixed greens.
Last night we used a couple of the steaks that I received for the Holidays from work. (bonuses? we don't need no stinking bonuses!) He found a wine sauce with which to marinate both the steak (broiled) and some sliced portabellas. REALLY good. Also we had some spaghetti squash and more mixed greens.
It was WAY too much food, but a worthy indulgence.
MERRY CHRISTMAS. I hope your time with your family is as amazingly fun as I know mine will be.... a perk of having the greatest family ever. Drive safe, if applicable. Here's wishing you get all the shoes, and cooking related gifts that you wanted........... and remember to take it easy on the nog. :)