Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Meaning of Life, etc.

Hi friends. Although I am sitting at my desk pondering the meaning of it all (as opposed to, say, with my BFF at the airport on a Gremlin) I am having a philosophical day where I am trying to put into perspective all that is on my mind. For instance today is one of those days that thus far is angst-ridden. My to-do list is ridiculous, and I'm twiddling my fingers and thumbs in anticipation of my doctor's appointment this afternoon where I will a) have to recap the laundry list of health issues that can now be added to my family history and b) try to leave with assurance that nothing is wrong with me (does any one else become a hypochondriac right before a visit?).

There is one thing I thought I would throw out there. I realize the internet is a bathroom wall upon which people write anything and everything imaginable. Though I would love to be many things including a writer, and outstanding cook, an astronaut, cycle 15 America's Next Top Model winner, etc, etc. ... I do not wish to plagiarize or overstep any lines of legality or inpropriety when it comes to internet posting particularly where all things food are concerned.

I had a comment that I didn't give credit to the author of a recipe, which I hope I have corrected in the right way. To my knowledge I've always included a hyperlink or some sort of reference while also not giving a play by play, more a highlight of ingredients. My intention of this blog was not to get a fledgling food career off the ground, particularly under false pretenses. Rather, I am attempting to chronicle my trials and tribulations in the otherwise completely foreign world of healthier cooking and eating --- particularly when trying new vegetables, recipes, and/or products.