Sunday, December 28, 2008

Caution: gratuitous and shameless materialism happening over here

Hmmmm apparently cooking was the theme of this christmas. This is probably the first year since I stopped collecting barbies where I did not receive any articles of clothing or footwear. Does this make me an adult? I sure hope not. Anyway I got all kinds of fabulous things I am SO excited to put to good use (did someone say puree? sauces? brand spanking new recipes?? internship at martha stewart and my own book deal? a made for tv movie about the rags to culinary riches former foot model.. lauren? .. based on a true story). Santa delivered a double broiler, full size food processor, several cook books (ellie krieger, a 'brain food' book and 2 copies of SB in the kitch... are they telling me something?) and some other miscellaneous goodies.

For our christmas eve dinner we started what will probably be a new tradition... TAPAS! Who doesn't like to eat finger food anyway?? We had a few courses which included crudites/dip tray, crab stuffed mushrooms, veggie pizzas, mozzarella/basil/tomato salad skewers, garlic bread with cream cheese and pesto, mini green bean casseroles (not so Spanish but requested by my sister), and a few other Delicious concoctions which appear to have escaped my memory. It was perfect: a little comfort, a little fancy, and without the food-induced-coma which usually accompanies a rich holiday meal. (plenty of that happened the rest of the weekend)

I told my dad he'd be in the picture........ what did he do? turn around. sheesh. After our family's christmas we headed to Iowa to meet my mother's enormous, hilarious, loud, chaotic, and fabulous family. The best part? hands down my aunt theresa's sugar cookie trays. She could start her own cookie company, these are to die for.

After a buffet of amazing mashed potatoes and assorted delicious salads and sides (not to mention the prime rib that was served!) we were on to the next best holiday tradition... the always funny white elephant exchange. Though nothing can top when my dad got the susan lucci autographed picture (circa late 80s) signed to the favorite 'sister' of the family (which enacted the 'stealing' rule at the white elephant exchange).. hilarity-wise, this year did not disappoint. Here is my mom holding up the shoe phone she received. Apparently sports illustrated mass produced these puppies in the 80s. Nice, eh?

The next day we headed to my cousins Matt and Alana's adorable house to play a little Wii. My dad is so hip.. and not broken-hip. Don't even get me started on how he beat ALL of us in the hula hoop Wii game.
They were better than I was... exhibit A.

And now I present........ something that will make my mother want to kill me. Years and years ago my dad decided to sneak something in to her beautiful nativity scene. Anybody catch the dracula head hidden in the straw? hahahahah..... a favorite holiday tradition.

I hope every one's holiday was amazing!