Monday, December 22, 2008

getting back on.. (the wagon)

Pro of weekends: extra time to get together with loved ones, have fun activities, share a cool beverage and unwind from the week's stresses. Con of weekends: somehow no matter how tame the plans I end up consuming meaningless calories via alcohol which ultimately results in delivery from pizza hut (which we could walk to, since there is one just 3 blocks away, but that makes way too much sense), and worse.... taco bell drive thru. I will say that this was my first trip to the bell since becoming decidedly grossed out by mystery meat and other certain-to-be-horrible-for-you ingredients. The verdict? I was grossed out. I think it was good for me to have this experience post-enlightenment... right? It kind of took away some of the sentiment tied to the old days where we'd wake up and get crappy food. what were we thinking anyway??
The weekend did turn out to be pretty fun though. This pesky old college roomie who keeps flying in from San Francisco and making me have tons of fun and reminiscing, and bringing me Delicious chocolate mousse pies (i'm not even kidding, what a horrible friend) showed up again this weekend. Between her impromptu visit, two catch-up lunches with friends, an almost house party at my apartment, and more formal birthday party it was quite the weekend. There were a few limo rides (a surprise for the birthday girl and spur of the moment fun for the rest of us that just happened to be around); long overdue peace making, and more use out of my fabulous bootie/shooties. yesssssssssssssss.
after all this i was beyond ready to have something semi-healthy semi-fresh and homemade by the end of the weekend. The contents of my refrigerator seemed lacking and what with the SHORT week I need to make do with what i've got before i head home on Wednesday. Quiche it is.
Quiche cupcakes that is. 3 eggs, 1 cup cheddar cheese (the only kind i had), chopped fresh spinach leaves, sauteed onions, and dice tomatoes. Question, why do all cupcakes I've ever made deflate so unflatteringly? Am I not cooking them long enough? No worries, I zapped it in the microwave to reheat again this morning. deeeeeeeeeeeeee lish :) disclaimer: i realize the picture make these kind of look like feet. You may have to use a little imagination on this blog in place of actual zoomed in and appetizing photography.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!