Friday, December 5, 2008

It's the Freakin' Weekend

I don't really like R. Kelly (what with him peeing on underage girls and all), but this song is very appropriately stuck in my head on this Friday morning. The last couple of nights I have stayed at home with no long to-do list (or more appropriately, not worrying about an existing long to-do list) No, instead I have been basking in the glow of nothingness as I am now DONE with school for the next month. That's right, finals are over, whoop whoop!! My blissfull school-is-out feeling coupled with the the crazy holiday upcoming holiday schedule.... means my immediate future resembles cleaning, cooking, christmas shopping, and/or spending so much time on my couch that i have to remind myself to quarter-turn every few hours to avoid bedsores. yessssssssssssss. I felt a little creative with my eats for the week. I made a fire roasted corn burger the other day. Not too shabby. For the life of me I can't find the actual recipe link anymore, but I found it on this super creative site. It uses the potato as a binder and has lime, cornmeal, kidney beans, fire roasted corn, and some spices. Grilling would've been ideal, but baking was delicous also. I had it with a WW bun, romaine, tomato..and.. be still my beating heart........... avocado. It was good, better than it looks at least (i realize the color is a bit unappetizing).
Also I've recently discovered that I'm obsessed with dates. On my last grocery trip I was looking for raisins for the recipe below, when I stumbled across a bag of dates from Dole. Because I love apricots, prunes, and apparently being an old person, I am no stranger to the dried fruit aisle in the grocery store. However seeing dates there made my heart skip a beat. The entire package is now gone and the next grocery shopping excursion cannot come fast enough! Anyway I made a salad based on the recipe on the back. It had pears, balsalmic vinagrette dressing, walnuts and romaine. There it is, in all it's date-like glory in front of my christmas tree. Also, fun fact, dates are from palm trees and are of middle east origin. Question: do I love food or wikipedia more? answer: looking up food on wikipedia.

Also I made a tuna salad recipe from whole foods online cookbook. It had raisins, carrots, almonds and cottage cheese. Here and I thought I could never love anything without mayo. It was a christmas miracle.
Have a fabulous weekend peeps.