Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's the hap-happiest season of all....

I am happy to report that I received a clean bill of health yesterday, despite my worries of the black lung, agoraphobia, and restless leg (p.s. my cousin was diasnosed with restless leg, who knew it was real?). Below is the holiday flair coming from my home to yours. This weekend I was gloriously sloth-like and stayed in, attempted to knit, wrapped presents, and was in bed before SNL started. Man, is 25.5 years old the beginning of the end? Friday night was also tame as I stayed in an DOMINATED a few friends in trivial pursuit. What has two thumbs and can answer questions from Benazir Bhutto to My Fair Lady? This Guy.
Last night I made a stuffed acorn squash. I had it with some baked tofu which was sort of a disaster. I will be trying to revive that in some way in the near future, not to worry. My attempt at cutting the squash probably could've been set to carnival music... or been a movie montage where i'm trying to kill the squash with the biggesst knife I own. I had to microwave it for a couple of minutes to even get it soft enough to cut. SHEESH. then i baked it at 350 for 30 minutes to soften up. Then I filled it with brown rice cooked with vegetable broth, and some sauteed garlic. I mixed the cooked rice with some raisins, pumkin seeds, and mixed some of the squash in with it too. Flippin good.
Tonight I'm getting an early Christmas present.... Jacks Mannequin tickets! They are playing just a few blocks from my house... how perfect is that? I'm going to hum JM songs all day in my i'm-healthy-class-is-out-concert-tonight-woohoo euphoria.
TGIW friends :)