Tuesday, November 30, 2010


So... for Thanksgiving I brought home ingredients, recipes, a camera and a little determination for food blogging.  Except that my camera was dead and dad's memory cards were full by lunch time.  Picture Fail.  I also took a break (which might imply that I hard started to cook, which would be misleading) to run a Paul Bunyion-esque errand with dad.  There may or may not have been axes used as photos props. 


We returned home to find Thanksgiving dinner basically cooked.  Sister was not impressed that dad and I skipped out.  But it couldn't have been as bad as the time we were left out in the cold for hours to suffer through a football game.

Yes that was much less pleasant.

However in light of no cooking photos.  I will show the action shot where I won a pizza for the family using only my keen ability to spot a cheezy promotion outside a stadium and pure athletic talent.  Can I throw a toy football towards the hand of a life-sized pizza slice?  Yes.  Yes I can.

A Thanksgiving miracle.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Things for which I am grateful.

I am grateful my Dad won't have to correct the grammar in the title of this post.  And while I'm at it...

Thanks for the gift of life. It's a biggie.
I'm grateful that my building is not on fire in this picture, although that is the KCFD peeking inside my apartment.

That one person's trash is another person's treasure.  Check the wood paneled sides. 

For frequent girls nights (give or take some seriously shaky hands)

With wine and goat cheese

For fashionable finds that you daydream about for a week.

For the perfect crime.

For Amy Lou Vik and celebrating the new Harry Potter movie with a party.

For cauldren cakes, pumpkin pasties, butterbeer in mugs and hogwarts colored beer in cans.

For not having facial hair in November.

For siblings.

For good health. 

 For trying new things.

For access to fruits and vegetables

For best friends

 and laughing until you snort

and for not taking life too seriously.

Happy Thanksgiving!