Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow Snow, Go Away

Yeah, Yeah, It's beautiful. Last weekend was the one year anniversary of totalling my car in an ice storm, so I begrudgingly and cautiously admire how picturesque it makes the parking lot. Snow is beautiful, but deadly.... which sounds like a cheesy action movie starring jackie chan. However this is real life not a TBS weekend marathon we're talking about here and the weather bug is claiming to be 10 degrees right now.. YIKES! Before it became so arctic in the Midwest, it was mild and fabulous in time for the hilarious and wonderful weekend that is now living in infamy in the hearts and cameras of myself and my counterparts. I purchased new shoes (merry Christmas to ME!), I got to see my parents, went to five parties on Friday (saw TONS of old friends, met new neighbors), then another party plus running home for a wardrobe change and out again the next night. All Shoes and Booze, no food... hey... 2 out of 3 ain't bad.. right???? This was our late night excursion Saturday. Let's break this down: here i am with my two lady friends, and the random in the background is my soon-to-be or current ex-boyfriend-on-again-boyfriend. photogenic, no?
This was the tacky sweater I borrowed from Jaclyn and it was out of this world. A barnyard theme. I had a Christmas bow and a bedazzled Christmas bag. Definitely a winner at the party (although there were some seriously impressive 90s attire)

And finally... when all of the pizza, take out china, and other grease-tastic food from the weekend was gone... the healthy detox began. I made John and I my new FAVORITE sandwich ever which i have been eating non-stop the past week.. I thought I'd share.
The grilled cheese to end all grilled cheese:
  • WW bread (local bakery.. heaven)
  • cherry tomatoes, sliced
  • avocado
  • laughing cow light Swiss cheese wedge
  • all natural turkey slices
  • spinach leaves

When grilled its all warm and gooey. Amazing. I had it with some tomato soup. I love tomato soup and it has been a wintery staple for me since the dawn of time. I hadn't had it since I made the conversion to healthier foods last spring. (i.e. i always had it with milk, creme, etc.) I tried the V8 carton that everyone seems to love, and truthfully, it wasn't my everything. I thought the seasoning was extremely strong and the soup itself was really thin. The sandwich on the other hand..... that i could day dream about until lunch.

I hope everyone had a FABULOUS weekend and is out playing in the snow if applicable (appropriately bundled up of course). And someone who is home today tell me what happened on All My Children... since that's what snow days are for, right? soaps? :)