Friday, September 24, 2010

I know what you did last summer..

Man.. Do I love an excuse to reference FPJ.  ... be silent be still..  Okay enough of 1999, time for the present.  This summer has been one of my favorites... including the one were I got pierced ears and the one were I got a huffy sweet dreams bike.  By far, way better.

My high school BFF Amy got married, and I perfected my high jump.

I also perfected my bridesmaid skills, which include but are not limited to buying the right size dress so that your mom's seamstress friend doesn't have to rip it apart and put it back together to fit you in like a whale.  Not that whales wear bridesmaid dresses, but I think you get the point. 

 One of the reasons this was great (obviously in addition to the fact that Chris and Amy are crazy about each other blah blah blah) was because my family was on the dance floor about 90% of the time.  Below I believe is the 'do your favorite Bluth chicken dance'

 Dad gettin' jiggy
 I also ate a cake decorated to look like a cheeseburger.  Oh yes, it was good.

 Tapas girls night

A work trip to NOLA where my college buddy happened to be taveling there at the same time too for his work!!! How serendipitous!  Obviously we had hurricanes to celebrate the universe throwing us together like that in one of its greatest cities.

I sampled the local fare.  Beignets from Cafe Dumond...taste like doughnuts.  Yum.

Nickie hosted me in the Lou for a ridiculously garlicy feast.

Literally a pie from the Pi restaurant there.  Amazing!

Aunt Lori and Uncle Paul celebrated their 25 years of glorious marriage on the river in Muscatine Iowa.  She had healthy food, including a salad from her beloved Kosovo!

On the river.

We had some Denver friends come to play with us...

They are hilarious

Aunt Anne makes a mean chipotle pork / marinated mozz tomato and basil / herbed potatoes  YUM  (PS like the new parent's farm table? I do too)

John and I went to Florida for a wedding he was in...

There were crabs


and cake...

This summer also had trannies

New shoes...

And John and I ready with only 12 hours notice for a black tie fundraiser.  Formal attire is a must to have on hand at all times.

The world's most impressively big nachos.  Devoured by a team of hungry people, obviously, as it would most certainly spell death by clogged arteries to any cingular party that tried to eat it in one setting.

Some margs.

Doors with turtle handles.. I want one

Lots of happy hour and dinner dates with my momma while she visits the city

With wine...

A girl's night theme of 'build your own pizza'

great scenery, great company

An ISU/KState football game at the Chief's arrowhead stadium.  My uncle took me with him while he visited from Iowa, and I wore my mom's Iowa State t-shirt that she wore when she was in college there.  I felt so authentic.

Sunny day for football and beer!

Meanwhile my sister had me SO PROUD by crafting her first college sorority theme party costume with a hot glue gun.  Just when I think she's adopted I remember we are apparently just alike. 

She is going as Donna Reed

More dates with Mom :)

And as soon as I press publish I am off to the airport to see my brother for a weekend in DC.  Life. Is. Good!