Who's that Spartan in your TeePee?

It's Me!

At the Missouri State Fair, where everyone knows the food is nutritious.

So I have this blog.  It started with a purpose.  In the spring of 2008 my parents were both diagnosed with Cancer.  Dad with Prostate and two weeks later Mom with Breast Cancer.  Buzzkill.  Suddenly it seemed like Cancer could happen to everyone and was some cruel eventuality of life. Like spider veins and liking dark chocolate.

As a recent college grad, I had been subsisting primarily on snack foods.  They were delicious and I still fit into my pants. No downside, right? When my parents got sick, I started viewing all of my easy comfort foods as processed junk that would rot my insides and give me cancer too.  I read Skinny Bitch. I threw out everything in my pantry.

Hooray for me, good riddance! Except then I was hungry, and I had no idea how to cook.  Pre Julie and Julia, I started a blog as a way to chronicle my experiences in learning how to boil water.

Except that I'm still not such a great cook.  I have, however, developed a greater love for food.  New restaurants, new vegetables, new preparations.  I'm foodventurous if you will.  I also appreciate all that a plant based diet can provide (yet another way Bill Clinton and I are alike).  My parents by the way are completely healthy now, and I've relaxed my no processed food policies, although the 'ick' factor remains.

So this is for me to ramble in part about food, in part about antics with my friends, whom I think are hilarious (humor me), and what fun would any of it be if you were in keds? None.  The Shoes thing is just obvious.