Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Counting the minutes

5 hours to leave work (ah ah ah)... 4 hours to leave work (ah ah ah).

I'm so excited for the festivities planned for ringing in the New Year. Lots of my favorite people, cocktail dresses, cocktails, and some seriously fun appetizer contributions by yours truly. I stayed up way past my bedtime preparing one and hopefully there will be time post work today to throw the others together, get ready, and and some point put away all of the laundry i am making my brother do for me while he's there today and generally get the place in condition to have as many overnight guests as it will have. THEN...... then it's off to the party. WHOOP WHOOP. Not to worry..... I've got my four inch dancing shoes all ready and have of course charged my camera in preparation for the event :)