Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Elitist Tacos

Okay so.. a few things. I was looking for a picture with which to decorate my blog (something that says hey i like the food, shoes, and booze.... without saying i am fat, overindulgent in footwear and drunk.... okay maybe a little overindulgent in footwear, but i digress) ... randomly I came across this little gem.

Q. What is cooler than the popemobile and flashier than the batmobile?

A. The Manolo-mobile

I might use it anyway, how could I not?

But on to the foodness. So for dinner I made this recipe. It was yummy. The recipe called for Arugula, but what do I look like, Obama? Who can afford that Stuff. Instead I paired it with Romaine, NF sour cream (sooo not the same as the good stuff, so why did it still feel indulgent?), sliced roma tomatoes and a WW wrap. What a healthy meal... too bad I was helping myself to a couple of handfuls of dark chocolate chips as I baked the taco chickpeas (hey, they have antioxidents, right?). And now, dinner, for your viewing pleasure:

Um yeah, a photography prodigy I am not. Working on this. (lighting you think?, I've been watching ANTM this evening for inspiration... maybe I should've asked the tacos to give me 'ugly pretty')

On the agenda for the evening? A debate party, sans costume this round, but exciting on its own (seriously I have been stoked about this since the veeps were announced) while having themed snacks including moose tracks and liberal media lemon merange bars.... Between you and me i will hate every bite of high fuctose corn syrup delicousness... sort of.