Monday, October 13, 2008

BA - da -bap- ba- da...... Lovin' it.

Today has been nuts... lots to do at work, but mostly deeply, seriously, agonizingly dreading my mid-term this evening. I am grossly unprepared, this must be how Sarah Palin feels... ZING.

Anyway, I decided to make a bit more of a breakfast than I usually do (i offered this Delicious sandwich to my weekend guests but they were skeptical.... fools)

Wheat bagel; morningstar breakfast patty; egg; organic NF cheddar. yummmmm... it actually sort of needed a tomato or maybe even some salsa, but even so it was yummy. I also had the last piece of fruit from my refrigerator.. how sad is that?

I also ate a lot this weekend, naturally. And had planned to get back on the bandwagon for my sushi dinner last night, but my douchey date didn't want me to embarrass him because at the table next to us was the Royals player DeJesus. ugh. but anyway this weekend was WONDERFUL! So many of my favorite people that haven't all been together in the same room ever or for 4 years were there. My throat hurts today and I'm pretty sure its because I laughed the whole weekend. Obviously the obligatory shoes pic.... there were some seriously fabulous ones there (check the purple beauties on my college roomie, my other college roomie had the light snake-skin ones next to her.... love it!)

But on to less pleasant things (than shoes and recapping a wonderful weekend)..... Class.. Barf. I may just dent my otherwise relatively scholarly GPA this evening. Woe is I. Because of that I will be MIA in the near future (i will not be having exciting meals or be trying new things..... they will be frozen kashi things as I run out the door, much less exciting)... that is until class is over for the week and I can reconnect with some vegetables.

p.s. this is what my refrigerator looks like now... an empty truck stop. When I open the door tumble weeds roll out and I get dust in my eyes. Time to visit the store, no?