Friday, October 3, 2008

Rock, Flag & Eagle

ooooooooooooh I've got election FEVER:

I've been looking forward to this debate since the Veeps were picked, for a multitude of reasons. Mainly because Biden had some pretty funny remarks during the democratic debates, and based on Palin's network interviews (a mere three, all of them trainwrecks) this was bound to be eventful. Unfortunately no one blew each other out of the water nor did they make any glaring mistakes that would become.... as the pundits have been saying..... game changers. Between that and the unanswered questions from the moderator, I became so frustrated that I was forced to instead focus on the themed snacks for the occasion.

Admittedly, as a semi-food-semi-health-type blog as this was intended, there is much to be desired. Particularly when last night my food (other than my very healthy but non-pictured whole wheat pasta, organic cheddar, and peas dinner) wouldn't be allowed within 100 yards of a whole foods. Moose tracks ice cream, whatchamacalit bars (I'll let you guess why those were in there), and various other chocolate and mystery ingredients from the dingy w.t. grocery store by my work, left me feeling like this:

Not to worry, today thus far has been more nutritious. For breakfast I had a nectarine and a PB Kashi bar (yummmm). My dad was in town today for work (yay!) so we had lunch downtown. We were outside on a patio and the weather was glorious. seriously. I had a Veggie wrap.. like, say, this one . So, no, that's not exactly what I ate.. that is what came up when i googled images of veggie wraps, but you get the idea. My dad brought along a few people for lunch and whipping out the camera to take a picture of my plate seemed a bit weird (no offense to any and all out there who do it) i'm just not there yet. Day 2 of a blog didn't seem like a less weird excuse.
*caution* excessive illiteration coming up:
Tonight is Beer and BBQ with BFFs and my Brother! Woohoo! :)