Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Blair Witch

I think I realized how debilitating my hand shaking could be in high school when i tried to eat my cafeteria taco salad with a fork--something that apparently served as entertainment for the rest of my lunch table table..maybe picture circus music as a soundtrack. At that point I resigned the idea of ever becoming a Neurosurgeon.... something which was never a big dream of mine (i don't look good in boxy white coats, which ruled out mad scientist also). However I didn't realize until yesterday that I could never be a photographer either. When I got home from work I was SO hungry that these hands were out of control. I don't have a tri-pod and didn't have the patience to set the self timer on the camera so my meal and I could have a family portrait. The end result was what looked like I was running from the Blair Witch as I was taking a picture of my food. Sorry if it induces motion sickness.
I had a baked sweet potato with a tablespoon of earth balance and a huge salad with virtually every veggie I could find in the fridge (romaine, celery, cucumbers, carrots, red onion, green pepper, roma tomatoes) with a little balsalmic vinagrette spray... yummmmmm. After class (a-not-so-early 10pm, ugh) I decided I was still hungry so I had a small scoop of dark chocolate chips [note the closed toe shoes I busted out today because it was COLD.. ugh, fall is here]. I spent the minutes prior to my snack calling my parents for a recap (politically active and knowledgable citizens that they are), and listening to the NPR analysis all the way home from campus. Apparently there were no 'game changers' p.s. is anyone else tired of hearing that same expression? I am lumping that in the category with 'special interests', 'maverick' as things i hope i never hear again after november 4. But.. on to more food:
For lunch I tried to make my own pizza (they're beauties, are they not?). You should know that I was also singing: pizza in the morning, pizza in the evening, pizza at supper time, when pizza's on a PITA you can eat pizza any time! Obnoxious? you betcha. I took two mini wheat pita pockets and split one in half. I wasn't sure which way I'd like better and it amounted to two thin crusts and one thick crust mini pizza. I topped it with newman's own spaghetti sauce and some low fat mozzarella cheese. They were good, not my everything, but so easy (i threw them in the oven at 375 for ten minutes) a caveman could do it... which means if i've got the ingredients on hand then I will be making them again.
While they were in the oven I helped myself to some carrots and Annie's woodstock dressing. A-MA-ZING. Go buy this dressing, it will knock your socks off. It's tahini and tomatoes and so tangy that I literally licked that little saucer when i was finished. You know, the kind of self indulgent act that makes you grateful no one was around to witness it.
I also had this pear post-pizza pitas (do i love illiteration or what?). It was perfectly ripe and fabulous.
This morning I packed up my meals for work (i plan on running errands over lunch to make sure my apartment is ready for all of the visitors I will have this weekend!). For breakfast I had a cup of NF yogurt with fresh strawberries and a handful of grapenuts. Honestly, is there anything better than fresh strawberries? These tasted like they had been injected with sugar they were so good. I also packed grapes for a mid-morning snack, leftover white bean chili for lunch and mixed veggies (carrots, cucumbers and green peppers) with woodstock dressing for a snack.
happy hump day, school is over for the week and the weekend is a heartbeat a way (okay a long heartbeat) but tonight includes laundry, yoga, kickball and gearing up to see fun people tomorrow :)