Friday, October 10, 2008

A hungover, impromptu, Asian breakfast

Last night after leaving the bars at an appropriate time for a school-night, I dreamt of the beautiful breakfast I would make. It would have been glorious... IF.... I hadn't have slept in, resulting in my showing up for work late with wet hair and a super random breakfast packed in my purse. On my way out the door this morning I had to *sniff* abandon these hopes and dreams (which involved turning on the stove and further delaying my arrival at said job). And in doing so I threw open all cabinet, refrigerator and freezer doors. I grabbed some pea dumplings I had made a few weeks ago from the freezer. A strange breakfast, yes, also a strange dish, since it's sort of an unconventional dumpling. I found the recipe from a master foodie, heidi swanson. This makes for, as it turns out, a pretty dece morning snack. I will admit that my dumpling shapes are lacking. Seriously an ugly step-child of the oh-so-pretty-authentic dumplings with their pleats and their upright shape. At the time these babies didn't know they'd be having a photo shoot... they'll be more presentable next time. Also I added some fruit because it needed to be eaten today, and what kind of a breakfast doesn't have fruit? seriously.

<--- a close up for dramatic effect. Once again, the shaky hands ruin it for everyone. You may notice a little oil on these which makes them decidedly less healthy. I pan fried them because I didn't have a bamboo steamer (or even a wok) as the recipe suggests. With a little research I discovered bamboo steamers are only like ten bucks (in the world of pricey kitchen appliances, that's a steal). I am putting that on my target shopping list.. pronto. Also in my amateur skills as a photographer I accidentally took a small video of my meal last night. confused? i was too. also it wouldn't load this morning, so I got this random small image... which also didn' load. Too bad that I confessed the existence of this blog to my two cohorts (shout out to matt and jaclyn, oh haaaaay) so there would be no shame in photographing my food (okay, some shame). I ordered the veggie pizza which had a thin crust (pita-ish) a jalapeno cream cheese base with red onions, artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes and kalamato olives. It was everything I hoped it would be and more. I will be attempting an at-home version very soon. I didn't quite finish the pizza, what with otherwise being full of delicious and seasonal happy hour beers of the world.

Stay tuned, the weekend festivities begin with my first airport run circa lunch time today.. WOOHOO :)