Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Eat your heart out, Ronald McDonald

I made a breakfast burrito this morning that was out of this world. The kind that made me want to quit my job and open a burrito stand next to the mcdonalds drive-thru.

Yeah, so I'm pretty sure that would not be a wise business decision. Anyway, I will be making this again. There are endless ingredient combos with a breakfast like this... next time adding tomatoes or salsa would be good, and don't even get me started on how an avocado would taste with it (yummmmmmmm avocado)

Current ingredients include:
  • whole wheat wrap
  • black beans
  • mild poblano peppers
  • red & green sweet peppers
  • sweet corn
  • onions
  • one egg + one egg white scrambled

disclaimer: most of the veggies were from a frozen mix. I know, I know, I actually had most of these things in the fridge, but scooping it out of a birds eye bag makes life infinitely easier....

In other news: class is the bane of my existence. (what you say? don't you always say assembling literature packets at work is the bane of your existence? well, they both are.) It is WAY too early in the semester for me to fantasize about skipping class. However as I quickly scarfed down my meal last night, I was thinking of how I'd rather be cooking... and then I was wondering if I could get that as a bumper sticker. And then I was almost late for class. But I digress, dinner was this recipe from Ellie Krieger. White bean chili... yummm. I threw it together on Sunday night and my recipe taster was on the fence about it, what with the lack of tomatoes and lime-y taste. I think he's a bit of a chili purist.

Cannelli beans, hominy, mild poblano peppers, garlic, lime, low fat ground turkey, chicken stock, and various spices (am I leaving anything out?) Anyway, the link is above and many meals this week will come from these tasty leftovers. As I was practically licking the bowl when my chili was empty... I resisted getting more servings and decided to diversify a little to up my veggie intake. I had two long carrot sticks and a scoop of almond butter. If you haven't famililarized yourself with almond butter yet you should do so. almond butter = peanut butter + a little heaven. It's healthier (most peanut butters have hydrogenated oils, additional salt, etc... hello JIF) and it tastes better too.

For desert I had a little NF yogurt with bare naked granola and a drizzle of honey. It took me about 5 minutes and a hand cramp to drizzle the honey. Has my honey gone bad? I never use it and have probably had it for years... does it go bad or do I just completely lack upper arm strength? I'm going to go ahead and say both.

The healthy meal day yesterday/today helps make up for the unhealthy booze-filled weekend. Friday was a BBQ fest where we had all you can eat smoked pulled pork and all you can drink keg. My brother didn't make it out (loser), but as usual an evening with my other partners in crime did not dissapoint. Saturday I spent the day at my alma matter with my siblings, parents, and godparents. BOTH mizzou and UCM won by a landslide, and the post-pre-and during game beverages were compliments of dad and his buddies. I love that place. My picture didn't turn out... but the day looked like this or maybe like this I snacked on tailgating food but NOTHING beats the pineapple pizza from Fitters. Seriously, nothing. SNL was hilarious too. Sunday a couple of the girls got together for wine and pate. Although I bought a canned salmon dip from World Market that looked and smelled like cat food. party foul. Nothing that didn't become funnier with a few bottles of wine :)
Recapping the weekend makes me do an emphatic eye-roll that it's only Tuesday morning.... TGIT?