Thursday, October 9, 2008

Channeling my inner sprocket

So today I am wearing a really cute dress. When the weather is this nice it seems criminal not to. Unfortunately I am having some serious static cling issues. Because I am not a proper lady who wears a slip (sorry mom, miss manners, and anyone who catches me in natural sunlight) ... it should be noted that this dress is dark, loose, and printed therefore risking very little unsightly see-through moments. However that didn't stop it from clinging to me desperately as I got out of my car this morning and attempted to pick it away from my legs. I might as well have been wearing a unitard. Which made me feel like this

love it.

For lunch (pictured below) I sliced two mini wheat pitas and topped with some organic NF white cheddar and a canned Tuna/Veganeise combo. Veganeise = not nearly as good as the real stuff. I always feel like a monster when I eat mayo though. Taste versus Monster guilt? The jury's still out my friends.

So for breakfast I had a whole wheat bagel with some gourmet peach pomegranite jam that I got on sale at this gourmet specialty cooking store. It's great... it really puts those welch's to shame, if you know what i mean. Who cares if it was on sale because it was expired? clearly not me. I also had a heaping bowl's worth of grapes and strawberries.
Dinner last night was less than inspiring. I was running errands, doing laundry, cleaning, and squeezed in a little kickball. Did i mention how terrible I am? I am definitely the weakest link, if this were an island they would vote me off, I would not get a rose, a clock, or a back stage pass. Terrible. That said, I threw together a veggie corn dog (total guilty pleasure of mine, the morningstar brand is yummy), some cucumbers and a handful of veggie flax-seed tortilla chips. bleh... i know.

In other news I am leaving in one short hour for drinks with friends (woohoo!) which will semi-officially kick off my very fun weekend. We are heading to a place with a million kinds of beer and i solemly swear not to try all million. However I am in the beer club there and have only been once, so it is high time i put that membership to good use!