Friday, February 27, 2009

Dear Concerned Reader:

From my college roomie this afternoon:

Are you the new 90210 cast member? Because I'm concerned that you haven't eaten since Monday. Blog post please.

Well I've eaten. I've also cooked, taken pictures, attempted to upload them this morning when I realized that i LEFT my camera in yesterday's purse. Then I wondered how much energy I could save a day If I didn't switch purses so often. And then I thought as much as I love being lazy, I truly dislike mismatching/clashing (not to mention i kind of live to accessorize). And then I chastised myself for being so out of shape that I was considering trying to save energy by matching less. Get off the couch already lauren, Sheesh.... even J.Lo ran a marathon.. after twins.

Where was I? oh, right. [soon-to-be-but-not-pictured-at-the-moment] This week I made this risotto thing that didn't include the right kind of rice, wine, stirring, or parm. Do I love short cuts or what? I also made butternut squash soup, which was seriously a lot like baby food. I pureed and added spices and things, but minus adding a wheel of cheese or something unhealthy and/or with 'wham' factor.... total baby food. Well, I guess it's been 25 plus years since I've probably eaten baby food, so what do I know. However, it did make me think I should have been eating it with a rubber spoon. food for thought.

What else is new? I'm glad that you asked. I'm going VEGETARIAN for lent this year. What's so novel about that you say? Well although I've done it for several years now, I've always done the 'catholic' thing and eaten fish. So basically it means I get to eat a lot more sushi. Everyone wins, right? This year I'm being a little more hard core. That also means no fish and no hungover hamburgers on my birthday. No really (friends, please hold me to this, don't let me be all 'don't tell god' while I pick the day after st. pat's green confetti out of my hair).

I'm actually paying lots of attention to my protein intake daily and trying to be as healthy as possible (instead of ... oh... say eating cheese pizzas every day for several weeks, not that that has happened in the past. okay yes it has). So stay tuned for healthy things, which may or may not be impossible in my 1.5 weeks traveling for work.

This weekend will be SO MUCH FUN. I am headed to Iowa again for a girls weekend of art, theater and excessive amounts of estrogen. What could be better?

Happy weekend!