Monday, February 2, 2009

45 people, 38 forks

WHEW what a weekend. Minus the 12 hours in the car, not so much getting my homework completely finished and waking up this morning in a sleep-like state hating any and all vermin (groundhogs seeing their shadow), alarm clocks, school, and the universe in general... this was a pretty great weekend. My mom's family is hilarious, and wonderful, and loud, and ridiculous. I freaking love them all. After work Friday I made a few stops at party supply stores and fabric stores and then I was able to make it to my sister's basketball game in time to watch her cheer the last quarter. Isn't she adorable?She learned it by watching me (or so i've been telling her for 17 years). So up at the crack of dawn the next day we made it to Grandmas in time to costume ourselves for Grandma's birthday party. Before cancer plagued our family, she had been planning to visit Hawaii this year (quite the world traveler she is... she has been to every country i can think to name, seriously)... so what else would we do than throw a Luau in January.
Because my sister and I had a song and dance routine (really, would you expect anything less?) we wore matching fabric worn different ways..... a la destiny's child. Planned? you'd think. Everyone's costumes were great. My personal favorite was Sara who put a cream blush on her face (except around her eyes) to have a sun burn with her swimsuit and hula skirt. HA! loved it. My grandma wore a cute sundress that my GREAT grandma had worn when she visited Hawaii a million years ago. How cool is that? She looked great too and had a pretty flower in her hair and cute sandals on. Definitely the least tacky of us all. There were board shorts, swim suits, coconut bras, extremely loud shirts, flowered leis, hair pieces, straw hats, and sunglasses a plenty. Do we know how to theme or what?

Mom and dad looking festive. Note to self, when you challenge your 10 year old cousins to limbo: I have the bruises to show for it. Also hardwood floor hurts, despite only falling 2 feet. food for thought.

The eats were tropically appropriate, and of course delicious! Among others, my aunt Anne and aunt Trish used these recipes: Pomegranate Balsamic Pork Roast and Asian Slaw. That slaw was the big time hit of the party, people we even asking for it for breakfast the next morning! Pictured below is my Aunt Lori mixing in the dressing for the shredded greens. Oh yeah, and better get in line for the food, because there were not enough forks to go around.... you snooze you lose!!

In between the fresh fruit, smoothie bar, gazillion amazing deserts my aunt Marilyn made, the professional themed and amazing sugar cookies from aunt Teresa, I was pretty stuffed. Anne, the hostest with the mostest, threw in some yummy spanikopita for fun too.

FRUIT! I was in heaven.

Cookies! The heaven continues. Dad = Vanna white. Did I mention how last week he told me he didn't think he was featured on here enough? There you go daddio :)

Smoothie Bar! Theresa borrowed a VitaMix blender (I get the food world's obsession, I feel like that thing has more power than a lawn mower) Complete with fruit garnish, tiny umbrellas, and enough taste to make a brain freeze totally worth it.

What a fun day. I was out like trout. I didn't even stay awake for SNL. It worked out okay though because the shower the next day was fabulous of course. They had special M&M's made with their names and the wedding date. How cute!
Guess what? MORE themed cookies!!! soooooooooooooo good. Check the bride and groom cookies, with wedding ring and wedding cakes.

We even played Sheila & Greg Jeopardy. Good thing I was helping to facilitate, I was no good at the answers.... despite the fact Sheila is my aunt/godmother/birthday twin. Shouldn't I know her best? party foul. Special points to my dad's team (with uncle john, aunt collette, cousin nick, and anne for having the funniest comeback of the day)

Before we left town Aunt Anne (who has spent a lifetime in various professional culinary fields and as far as I'm concerned, knows everything) gave me a fruit tutorial. There was so much leftover from the party that she gave me an entire bucket's worth to bring home to eat (at this very minute I'm eating some at my desk). We were dicing Papaya (bleh, overrated), and Mango (also overrated), Starfruit (kiwi's more expensive, prettier, inferior red-headed step child), and Pineapple. There was even a coconut that she gifted me which was TOTALLY going to be a project this week (since you have to use hammers/chainsaws/wreckingballs/whatnot to try to open it). However in my late night dark unpacking of the fruit, I accidentally threw the rest of the bag away! I literally woke up in the middle of the night with this realization. Boo! Sorry
Anne. I am resolved to purchase another one. Stay tuned.
Also apparently there was a superbowl?? Just kidding. I was driving almost the entire time it was on, but more than anything I'm sad I missed the opportunity for snack food/dips and a special hour long office.
And now.......... work. and six more weeks of winter. Is anyone else really sick of their winter clothes? All of this fruit and Luau-ness made me OVER the weather right now. Stupid groundhog.