Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dear goat population....

Do you have any idea how addictive and delicious goat cheese is? (i would say 'your cheese' but that just sounds gross). Seriously despite the fact that showing an actual animal picture kind of makes me think of the state fair, and it kind of reminds me where meat/dairy comes from and it kind of makes me want to be vegan... goat cheese is the bomb. the end. Last night post class and pre LOST, BFF extraordinaire and neighbor Emily came over for some eats. She had snuck into my apartment earlier in the week to gift my fridge with some dips she had made for a superbowl party on Sunday. Isn't she wonderful? Anyway this is she posing with a possibly not-so-photogenic but delicious veggie meal. Even being the committed carnivore that she is she liked it. Success!
I used this recipe from an MSN featured, Kashi, Naturalizer (there were a lot of names happening, i'm not sure who it's from exactly). Ingredients are as follows:
  • pasta
  • EVOO
  • garlic
  • sweet potato
  • red bell pepper
  • tomato
  • parsley/tarragon/pepper
  • lemon juice
  • goat cheese

    It called for angel hair which would've been lovely, however I used a combo of WW and white spaghetti noodles because its what i had on hand. DELICIOUS. no seriously, I loved it. I've been noticing some of my veggie meals lack protein, so this wasn't SO filling as there wasn't a dedicated protein source (meat, fake meat, beans, lentils, etc.).. which theoretically could've been added relatively easy. I can't wait to eat it again.
TGI-Thursday peeps! Tonight I'm headed to John's game (their rival... go ravens!) and tomorrow night and the rest of the weekend our very good friend from college KELLY will be flying in from colorado to spend her Birthday in the motherland. There are all kinds of shenanigans planned and I'm trying to think of ways to sneak almonds, dried apricots, and larabars into my purse as to avoid bar food. We're getting better at this... right? :)