Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Eating while driving = trouble

So last night after Yoga I picked up dinner for John and headed to his apartment. It was a hefty drive. I was starving. I ate while driving. Unfortunately Planet Sub is now among the list of places I'm not supposed to eat while I'm driving. Seriously, adorable when it's babies with their food all over their face/chest/hair/clothes, embarassing when it's someone who is old enough to be getting a discount on drivers insurance. My delicious sandwich had salsa on it, which was probably my first problem, because it was the wettest sandwich ever made. And it was dark outside, and I was exiting off lanes and trying to listen intently to NPR so I could finally come to some sort of understanding of the banking system. Fifteen minutes later my black work-out pants looked like I had been homeless or sifting through debris/third-world-country rubble before I got to his place. Gross. Salsa sandwich + holding vertical for eating + driving + not remembering to get napkins at sub shop = trouble and embarassing wet pants/seat situation.
I now have resolved to resist the urge to bag and drag. Further motivation was how amazingly delicous Monday night's post-class quick meal was.

Stuffed Red Pepper (adapted from epiciurious)
  • red pepper
  • goat cheeses
  • zucchini & yellow squash
  • cherry tomatoes
  • couscous
  • seasoning

SO good, but totally messy. I also will not be eating this in the car.

Both recipes called for chickpeas, but it was late, I was in the mood for something light and I had already reached my protein minimum for the day, and didn't feel the need to load on more. For a full meal or for feeding more people it would be a fabulous option. I will be making/experimenting with this again.

I also made this risotto-y thing. FABULOUS. How great is it that asparagus and red peppers (3 x the vitamin C of oranges!) are on sale now. I feel like it's opening a whole new world to me. So I used brown rice, barely stirred, and otherwise cut corners with this... but man, it was still delilcious. The night I made this I actually left my laptop at work, so in winging it (danger, danger) I omitted quite a few things.

Mock Risotto
  • brown rice
  • garlic
  • vegetable broth
  • peas
  • asparagus
  • red pepper
  • low fat cream cheese
  • chives

I also went to Emily's after I got home from class on Wednesday. I thought she was making dinner, she thought I was making dinner. Who's on first? Anyway we raided her fridge and came up with a potato cook off with hearty salads for our veg dinner. Mine were the super unhealthy queso/sour cream potatoes (they were boiled then broiled with toppings) hers had EVOO, rosemary and garlic. I think we both know who won.

Even Mary Anne liked mine best.

The next night I was determined to use the butternut squash that had been hanging out for a week, and obviously my asparagus steamer that had been hanging out even longer (summer? eh, who knows). Look how tall and amazing it is.... don't you just love those super specific kitchen gadgets?
So I topped my butternut squash soup with tomatoes, goat cheese, and S&P. Um..... the soup tasted like babyfood so I kept adding Almond Milk to it to give it sweetness and make it more soupy and less pasty. Um... still kind of baby-ish. I simmered the squash cubes with a bit of ground red pepper and vegetable broth so it was simple but still had some other flavors. I HAD heavy cream in the refridgerator, but resisted. It probably needed it. Despite the wholesome yummy veggy feeling after the meal, I was only in like with this.

Did I tell you about the weekend? I met in Des Moines with a bunch of my aunts, grandma, cousin, momma, and sister. We saw legally blonde, caught up, and in general had a blast. Here we are at the art center cafe (not to be confused with a mental institution... er... because of the white padded wall)
Legally Blonde the musical! :)

I hope everyone is having a fabulous hump day!