Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Good Day, Sunshine

My BFF from high school just got engaged... YAY Amy and Chris!! Also I never check my mail (weird segway you say... well... stay tuned) I park on the 2nd floor but live on the 4th, the mail is on the 1st and who wants to spend all that time on the elevator/stairwell for what is usually a 20% off bed bath & beyond coupon and 10 credit card offers promising me the world. Not me. However I finally checked the mail and guess what was waiting for me: A cute card from my other friend Amy (thanks amigo!) and a V-day card from my parents. My dad even wrote me a little poem:
  • Big kisses to my cyber-savvy sweetie on Valentine's Day.
  • Your blog I check religiously, to see what you've got to say.
  • So what if you occasionally backslide?
  • Your clever writing, that's my special pride.
  • So go ahead and treat yourself to a heart-shaped, sugar-filled parfait.

Aren't I a lucky daughter? :)

So cold weather = soups, right? I found the above recipe at the Mayoclinic.com which actually has a lot of healthy recipes (minus pictures, boo for that). I also had it with Kath's Kale chips. Flippin Good, and easy too. They kind of taste like baked lays (okay that might be a bit of a stretch) but a crispy salty snack all the same.

Potato Soup with Apples and Brie Cheese

  • onion
  • leeks
  • granny smith apples
  • chicken broth
  • bay leaf / salt / thyme
  • evaporated milk
  • small potatoes
  • brie cheese

Too bad I was halving the recipe but forgot to halve the brie amount which sent this soup into the out of control rich category. I felt like I was eating dollar bills (ha! i kill me). But seriously folks, I don't know when I'll learn to use the correct ingredients, but I hope it is soon. Even despite my accidental ruin of the intended taste, it was still good. A keeper, for sure.

Then I made a Thai soup. I don't know what it is about coconut milk that is so amazing, but I feel myself gravitating to recipes with that as the star ingredient more and more.

Thai Chicken and Coconut Noodle Soup (<-- linked to msn's delish.com)

  • onion
  • garlic
  • coriander / ginger / pepper / cayenne / salt
  • chicken broth
  • coconut milk
  • fish sauce
  • lime juice / zest
  • fettuccine
  • noodles
  • cilantro

Okay so delish lets you set the intended serving amounts and will adjust the quantities of ingredients accordingly..... or so they say. In this case I think it must have kept the amount of broth because I had TONS! granted I generally cut back on the meat in recipes in favor of more veggies (which weren't really in the recipe at all) which could have been the case but either way I threw out half the broth, had a bowl, and patted myself on the back. In that order.

Did I mention it was a great day? It's also unseasonably warm and will be in the 50s today. Woohoo :)