Monday, February 9, 2009

To Flash or not to Flash..

Mind outta the gutter people, the New Orleans post was last week. Actually I was having camera related problems all week, forgetting to mess with the flash (food = no flash, people at bars and in low lighting = flash) Anyway this weekend was a HOOT! I had girls time for the first night in AGES. Kelly's birthday (which is actually today!) was pretty much celebrated all weekend long. Friday we saw 'he's just not that into you' which despite the fact my stupid brother kept sending bad reviews to me all day, was the perfect mindless girl bonding cute movie for the evening. Oh yeah.... and there were baked goods :)

I did okay over the weekend, with highs and lows in the health food and junk food departments. Getting home Saturday and raiding Emily's poor fridge after dancing and running around all night long was a cheesy processed food slip.. although it was SO worth it at the time! I did make it to yoga, and I did have the following amazing grocery store trip... do you see my treasures below? (john: 'no you just didn't take a pictures of your groceries after you un-bagged them') My never-tried-before purchases include: Kale, leeks, black grapes, and yeast (it's time to learn to bake.. for serious)
Previous to the grocery trip I put homework aside for a trip to a cute little dumpling place (with bubble tea!) and used book store. Sunday Funday!! For 20 bucks I got the following four books. Three cookbooks: a tastes of KC books (i'm guessing in no way healthy), fruit/veggie encyclopedia with home remedy info, and a wine guide book. I also got a yoga book.... WITH pictures (this is necessary). It was one of those rare occasions that I actually had cash and was fishing in my purse for the last few dollars to pay when the guy said 'ehhh, that's close enough' Don't you love places like that? There were old type writers in the shelves, a big swirling staircase, and store keepers who were talking smack on Ann Coulter. I felt right at home.

I had all of my ingredients out and ready for a would-be fabulous Thai soup. But then we decided to pop in the kite runner DVD for a bit and got completely sucked in. What a great movie, I can understand why when I went to check it out the lady next to me gave me a glowing 10 minute review about how it was the best movie ever. Seriously although I consider myself half robot (seemingly nothing in my own life can get me to cry) I was getting all kinds of choked up.
Two hours later we were starving and emotionally drained which lead to a decision that comfort food was needed, causing me to abandon all plans for homemade goodness. We walked three blocks to a dive bar where I had the BLT (just a little bit of bacon, normally they give you an entire pig... yuck), and I had one of John's Wings (or a half, those things are like Pterodactyl wings) before my lips were on fire and I gave up trying to eat this cave-man fire chicken.

I seriously love dive bars........ our waiter was like....... 'um... i didn't mean to interrupt picture time' with a skeptical look on his face. I think a small piece of John died.

Carnivore. Sort of.
On the walk home my stomach was killing me! Everything from my rib cage to the pit of my stomach was angry with me for not consuming more vegetables in the day. As my mother would say in her teasing guilt trippery... 'The wages of Sin'.
Happy Monday (if there is such a thing). I promise home made and healthy yummy eats are coming later in the week! :)