Monday, February 23, 2009

See, my damie, Pootie Tang don't wa-da-tah to the shama cow... 'cause thats a cama cama leepa-chaiii, dig?

Pootie tang might be the stupidest movie I've ever watched (or watched for a few minutes, channel surfed, made several comments about how surprised I was that Bob Costas was in this movie, and how UNsurprised I am that Wanda is Sikes is in it).. Anyway if you're unfamiliar it's the classic story about a guy who has mojo, loses mojo, gains it back and makes the world a better place while being shirtless and NOT SPEAKING ENGLISH. Seriously it was just hilarious jibberish. example: Baby, I'm going to sine your pitty on the runny kine!

Awesome. The marathon do-nothing session was fueled by celebrating the big wins with all three college basketball games that we attended on Saturday. Two for my Alma Matter and one for his team. woohoo! His sister announced her engagement that day too, so what else would we do but head to the dive bowling alley for frosty coors light pitchers and creeping out middle schoolers? (or maybe they were the ones creeping us out, they were in twilight/vampire shirts... is that what the kids are up to these days?) These kids, in the lane next to ours, called john 'Sir' and didn't laugh at my jokes (what is WRONG with them????) ... we then proceeded to make a lot of jokes about W-2's and being grown ups.

I then proceeded to have only strikes and gutter balls. Heavy on the gutter balls. I am the most uneven bowler ever.

My victory dance was a Beyonce 'All the Single Ladies' running-man type dance. It was awesome... until I fell... with my bowling ball. and got bruises. and john told me to quit being such a drama queen. except that HE kept doing this.

John got lots of X's (strikes).................. but I was so excited at my freak victory (the other two games i bowled under 50. ouch.) I obviously took a picture.
Because I did nothing but eat food at basketball games (which..... would you believe... is not health friendly)... i thought I would share a hearty yummy dish I made last week. When I was in Iowa for My grandma's party, My aunt Anne (hi food aunt!) let me take a hy-vee magazine/cookbook/publication that focused on healthy and natural meals (look at you hy-vee, nice work). They had an easy slow cooker recipe for chicken pot pie which sounded AMAZING!
HyVee Chicken Pot Pie Easy Amazingness
  • carrots
  • onion
  • celery
  • chicken
  • chicken broth
  • thyme
  • bay leaf
  • S&P
  • flour

SO easy. In fact I came home over lunch and threw the ingredients in. My slow cooker is kind of small (which is oh-so-nice for cooking for one) and doesn't have high/low designations so I had no idea if after 5 hours my meal would be over/under cooked.

Cut to after work when I'm hauling myself and my ten million bags (laptop, school books, purse with usually 10 kinds of lip glosses and a change of shoes and some sort of breakfast/lunch/snack bag) I notice the most heavenly smell wafting through the hallways. I think to myself 'someone is cooking something good'.... much to my delight when I opened my door it was coming from MY apartment (obviously I then felt like an idiot for not remembering).... this dish was SO good. I made homemade whole wheat biscuits (they didn't use milk or butter and they were kind of not my everything).... but from scratch amazingness.

So my refrigerator has been smelling weird for a little while (after tossing stuff, cleaning it, and loading it up with baking soda it STILL smells like a too-old forgotten bean dish of last month) and consequently I've been trying to use up what's in there as opposed to whipping up new fabulous things. Easier... but not so great for the look-what-i-just-made blog o mine. Don't hate. I'll check in soon :) Hope you had an AMAZING weekend! :)