Friday, March 27, 2009

yay mizzou.... boo acid reflux

Remember that Berenstein Bears book 'too much birthday fun'? Brother bear ate too much candy and was all partied out. Last night was too much NCAA fun. Or too much dive bar fun (i know what you're thinking.... lauren there IS no such thing as too much dive bar fun). A beer at the bar around the corner for the game turned into several pitchers turned into today my stomach turning itself inside out. The good news is that no junk food was involved (i know, high five). Probably because before we left I whipped up some snobby joes. snobby joes: (this site credits Veganomicon with the recipe, my Nickie's all time fave cookbook)
  • lentils
  • onion
  • tomato paste
  • tomato sauce
  • oregano
  • S&P
  • red peppers
  • zucchini
  • garlic
  • chili powder
  • maple syrup
  • mustard

I've been craving sloppy joes forever, which is ironic because sloppy joes are actually really gross and not something I'm too interested in eating (cafeteria sludge comes to mind). So I've been settling for singing the Adam Sandler song instead. I made the leap with these. They were good. I might enjoyed a BBQ sauce version instead (the oregano and tomato sauce kind of made it feel like spaghetti sauce)... I think soy crumbles might be in order next time. That chewey textures is part of the appeal.. right? Either way I thought it was good. I made it with sweet potato fries (that i tried to make chips.... eh... i'm sticking to wedges from here on I think) and Multigrain bread with some melty sharp cheddar cheese on top.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Friday. Almost weekend time. HOLLA.