Thursday, March 5, 2009

Can we talk about this?

It is GORGEOUS outside. Less than a week ago I was driving in a blizzard and nearly drove into a semi truck on the interstate due to the overnight 1/2 foot of snow packed on ground and several more inches in the sky at that very moment. And yet here we are creeping up on 79 degrees today. How badly do I not want to be working? Seriously... senioritus/laziness/spring fever has it's grips on me and is sure to lower my GPA make me the worlds least productive employee. Today I am pencil skirt, bare legs, and some old sunny stripey pumps about things (and yes, this is the third picture I took of my feet/legs, all of which were not so flattering from this angle.. whatev). Hello spring. I've missed you. Spring makes me think of fabulous spring dresses, which makes me think of laying out at the pool, which makes me think maybe I should excersize more than doing yoga once a week (which let's be honest, includes about 10 minutes of meditation/nap time)...... gym, eh? eh? Enter this blog(oh she glows)/contest to win a DVD addressesing my laziness/spring fever/etc.

I hope everyone is out enjoying this amazingness. Also Mizzou won last night and KU lost.... so what a great day it is indeed :)