Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It could have been amazing.

I have a confession.  During one of the epic disastrous never ending snowstorms we received, I applied to be on Oprah.  Actually I went to the show's website looking to watch the episode from the day before, but instead was distracted by a column that said 'Be on Oprah'.  It might as well have said, click here to have all your hopes and dreams come true.  Pretty much none of the categories related to me (Are you over 50 and fabulous? Does your daughter love Willow Smith?) except for one.  One glorious category headlined with 'Are you a soap opera fan?'

Oprah is my favorite.  Remember when I spent my birthday in Chicago a couple of years ago?  Yes this was us trolling around the outside of Harpo Studios. 

Where we were creepy and taking pictures by doors and vents to the building.

And remember when the women in my family went to the 'O' Magazine live your best life conference last year?

Where we were creepy and taking photos of Nate Berkus from an uncomfortably (for him) close distance

Meanwhile watching cheesy soaps is practically in my DNA.  At the very least its something I associate with hilariousness and the women in my family.  My mother and her six sisters were avid All My Children fans since before I was born.  Christmases included AMC playing cards and autographed photos of Susan Lucci. 

Aunts Sheila, Sara, and Theresa, graduates of Pine Valley U.

Mom with Tad the Cad in NYC after I can only assume she was creeping outside of  their studios

And let's not forget about the younger generation.  My sister and I (thanks in no small part to Soapnet in college), are soap viewers and will bond over gossiping about our not-real-life friends.  I mean how crazy Annie is and how lying about paternity tests NEVER works out well and why does everyone in Llandview go to the gym EVERY day now.  We get it.  Your shirt is off.  These conversations go on forever.  Remember our recent Dynasty weekend?  Yeah,  we're now watching all of the episodes on hulu too.   

The idea that these two favorites things of mine (O and Soaps) could combine was heavenly.  A bi-fecta.  A duex-fecta.  Whatever two awesome things together would be... this would be that.  Plus I could SURPRISE my mom with this (skyping in with mom and sis, skyping in with ALL the women in my family, BEING on the show?).

But alas... for it was not meant to be.  TODAY they are airing the soap episode, which means that when I submitted my blurb on our family and our love of soaps last week they were probably already recording it.  I realize that those who watch Oprah (daytime television) likely watch soaps too (also daytime television) and everyone who has ever visited the Oprah website could probably make a good argument about how Luke and Laura changed their lives.  Basically, we had a snowballs chance and were too late.  All is not lost though, I'm still way excited to just watch the episode today, and pretending I'll be skyping in instead.

It could have been amazing though, right?