Monday, February 7, 2011

Lewis and Clark have nothing on us.

Ever since one of my college girlfriends moved to Kentucky after grad school, we have been making pilgrimages down there a couple of times a year.  Usually we are good about leaving early, checking the weather, planning accordingly, etc.  Except this time it was a comedy of errors getting out of work, getting out of town, getting on the right exits.. you name it.  Exploring/navigational geniuses we are not.  Friday night we didn't arrive until 2:30 AM and drove through, rain, snow, sleet, and Nickie snoring in the back seat.

However, minus the total of 22 Hours in the car this weekend, it was probably my favorite trip down there to date.

Saturday was kicked off with a visit to the Maker's Mark distillery. 

Be honest.  I look like I've got side burns in this picture.  Do you see it? 

The nation's first drive-thru liquor store.  Worth a commemorative photo.

Emily dipped her own Maker's Mark bottle in wax.  BTW that stuff is disgusting.  It tastes like all that awful kind of alcohol I was forced to try on my 21st birthday, and the mint julep I couldn't handle at the Derby.    Amy and Kelly were swishing it in their mouths and talking about its 'oakiness'.  The other three of us were making faces like we were forced to taste test nail polish remover.  Sophisticated we are not.

The mini road trip there was through the back country and it was littered with colorful artwork.  Sucks to be that guy.

(sidebar I don't know how to turn these and I can't link this account with my GMail Picasa account. Technology savvy fail.)

SOOO.......  Part of the reason for the trip is that three of the five of us girls had birthdays within a few weeks.  Their combined ages are 83.  So Emily and I decided to surprise everyone with a birthday party. 

There were posters with hilarious and incriminating photos.

Pin the tail on some-guy-we-went-to-college with.

Birthday Bingo with hilarious antics that either usually happen anyway or could totally happen with some incentive. 

Various dance moves were on the list.  In related news I do a mean Carlton.

There was a limbo stick that doubled as a whip, jousting stick, bat, sword, scepter, cane, too-short-skirt-pointer-outer (that almost got us killed), ceiling fan turner-on-er, creepy guy shoo-er-away-er, rifle, whatever the name of that long tube you shoot darts from is, oar, cigar, magic wand and yes so much more.

Emily and I thought our party games were such a success, we were introducing ourselves as Milton and Bradley.

But soon that relationship soured.

Nickie won bingo... she would just like everyone to know.

Kelly lost.

I wish every weekend was this wonderful.