Thursday, February 10, 2011

My biggest fear

Dude. I am deathly afraid of crocodiles/alligators.  Both. Equally terrifying.  This started when I was ten and read an article in Reader's Digest about how some woman survived a death roll.  You know, where they pull you down in the water so you drown and then spin you so limbs/chunks come off that they can take delicious bites of you. It was graphic. Obviously.  I totally don't remember how she escaped, the specifics of which I might have clung to to avoid mental scarring.  Nope.

I can never live in the south because of this.  A shame because I think my straight hair could handle the humidity. I can never move to that nature preserve or join the peace corps.  Both of which otherwise would totally happen.  I can especially never EVER EVER EVER swim in a pond or lake south of Canada.  

Do you know what I heard today on NPR? That the mouth of a crocogator (i can't remember which scary one was specified) closes with the force of over 2200 LBS .... which is the equivalent of a guillotine.  


In related news I'm not a fan of these guys either.