Monday, February 14, 2011

Top 10

The top ten things PHS seniors would rather have done than listen to me speak about 'careers in marketing' this morning.

1. Gouge their eyes out with forks

2. Stick bamboo shoots up their fingernails.

3. Listen to Ben Stein read an oven manual.

4. Be trapped in a room with Kenny G playing very loudly on repeat.

5. Be stuck in a Chilean mine for two months. (what? too soon?)

6. Get a root canal.

7. Be stuck in Lady Gaga's egg/pod in 90 degree heat.

8. Eat 10,000 peanut butter sandwiches without anything to drink.

9. Watch a marathon of Nicholas Cage movies.

10.  Be on the receiving end of a crocogator death roll.

Seriously, this presentation was given to dead silence.  Crickets. The only sound was my enthusiasm (and self confidence in speaking and relating to the younger generation) crashing to the ground.