Monday, January 24, 2011

No one takes me to bed and to the cleaners in the same night!

So when we wore gratuitous holiday flair for opening presents this year, my sister and I chose sweaters with shoulder pads.  The whole night we were making Dynasty references (poses, evil looks, etc.), despite never having actually seen the show.  As the Dynasty jokes remained long after Christmas, we decided to educate ourselves on the ways of the rich Carrington family as to actually understand the jokes we were making.

Thus the Dynasty weekend was born:

Mother dearest.

Sisters.  Bitter Rivals.


Cat fight!

There was food: cheese ball, bruschetta, and best of all: chocolate/caramel fondue.  Mom made this by combining chocolate chips, caramels, and sweet and condensed milk.  We dipped marshmellows; bananas; strawberries; angel food cake. 

At some point we changed into PJs since sharp sequins on your rib cage aren't conducive for slouching on the couch and stuffing your face.  Below is sister breaking down whether or not Michael was actually pointing at Fallon or flipping her off.

It was hilarous.