Monday, January 10, 2011

Peppermint Patties!

It's Snowmageddon outside and I even wore rubber boots to work today... with flats to change into.  I'm like working girl meets Annie Oakley.  That is if Annie Oakley represented cold weather roughing it instead of wild west and guns.  Working girl meets... the Abominable Snowman? I'll work on finding a more accurate reference.

The fact that I chose lounging around yesterday dreaming of being picked to be the new 'Quality Girl' and whisked off to Paris seems now like a pretty ineffective use of time compared to getting groceries, gas and preparing for seven inches of snow that has dumped itself on my fair city.

I wish I had chains on my tires. Here's hoping I'm not marooned or starve to death this week. 

Although I have a healthy supply of chocolate and 99 luftballoons playing in my head, so what a way to go.

I used Jenna's recipe to make homemade Peppermint Patties for my Boss.  These are his favorite candy and his Birthday was Friday.  Too bad I ran out of peppermint extract and .... wait for it.... discovered that corn SYRUP is not corn OIL.  *slaps hand on forehead* Why do the grocery store powers that be not even put them close together? How am I supposed to know these things without assistance?  This revelation and resulting baking fail delayed the gift to Monday delivery.


The first batch I made looked and tasted like crusty dried toothpaste.  The second batch I made tasted like heaven.  The key was to be heavy handed with the wet ingredients.  Although I have yet to figure out a way to coat something in chocolate and make it look smooth and delicious.  They always kind of look like they were visciously attacked and smothered to death to recieve a chocolate fauxhawk.  Ratio of peppermint to chocolate favors the chocolate.  Bad thing?

Practice Makes Proficient.

These say 'Hey I'm a Great Employee Who Deserves a raise for 2011', right?  I thought so too.

Get excited Emily, you get the leftovers!