Thursday, January 6, 2011

A New Year

Happy 2011! So I've never been a big one for resolutions (mostly because I have the self discipline of Ricky Lake) but I love a good craft project.  After seeing this collage project on the fitnessista, I figured I would squeeze in a little more QT with the two foot tall stack of O! and Self Magazines before I finally threw them out.

The result: an Inspiration Board for the new year.

Happy thoughts, encouraging messages, even a few things to which I aspire.  A little hokey, but so am I.

Some things are just pretty pictures and should not be taken literally.  For instance I don't necessarily want to try to float across the city in helium balloons, I think we all learned our balloon boy lesson. 

I've also decided I'd like this blog to be a place where I post more frequently, more randomly, less formally and about whatever strikes my fancy. You can rest assured that food shoes and booze will be included. :)

Next year could be a great year, right?