Thursday, January 13, 2011


Remember when it was so hot and muggy outside you couldn't breathe? Sigh. I do.  It's -7 degrees right now and as with all post-Christmas snowstorms, I'm over it. 

Back when it was warm I went to New Orleans for work, and thanks to work was able to gorge myself on local cuisine.  Remembering that helps to offset the regret for not becoming a teacher to get snow days.  

Fried goat cheese salad with mixed greens.  

Gumbo.  Extra stars for presentation.

The best part of traveling for work? Ordering fancy food from room service to eat on the bed while watching cable.   
I was watching 'Bringing Up Baby', and man was that girl spoiled.  What about his fiancee? 

Red Beans and Rice.

Frog Legs!!!!! I DID feel guilt about potentially eating a Disney character (hello, Princess & the Frog). Would it be cliche to say it tasted like chicken?

A pit stop from walking around to get self serve yogurt and look out over the river (FYI this was prime oil spill time and the 24 hour news networks were reporting from this riverfront). Two seconds after I took this photo I spilled all over my chambray dress. Messy eater, party of one.

Talk about serendipitous, a college friend of mine was traveling through New Orleans solo one of the days I was there.  Bourbon street it so much more fun with a buddy. 

Buttery oyster, fried pickles, fried alligator, the works.

Eggs benedict, my favorite breakfast.

Alligator Ravioli

Flight of moonshine.  Can you believe we did this for a work dinner? I can't.  Nevermind the fact that I was supposed to sip it politely isntead of tip my head back and down it.  I knew that.

The world's best BLT

Homemade salted caramel popsickle.  Mind altering.

You must visit this place in the warehouse district.  It's fancier next-door neighbor (same owner) 'Butcher' was equally phenomenal.

Is that a strip club sign in that picture? Eh, probably.  Oh New Orleans, I think of you fondly as I turn on the space heater next to me.