Monday, May 4, 2009

Mint Juleps and our Hat-Tastic Day at the Derby

Greetings! Soooooooo.... here I am again, foodless, cookless, and with only parties to discuss on the blog. Why, you say, am I blogging and not stuyding for tonight's finals? Possibly because I did some fast math and realized that no outcome of tonight's test will change my solid B in the class. The result. Procratination. Again. As usual. Senioritus.. to the tenth power.

But let's get to the good stuff, shall we? Emily wins friend of the year for sitting in my apartment, sewing a black hanger into my hat as I arrived home Thursday evening.
We were so happy with the result. We treated ourselves to happy hour downstairs. Or rather, her boyfriend bought us a few beers. To thank him, I ate the vegetables out of his wings basket.
Friday morning John and I set out on our car trip equipped with audio books from the library:

Hats, jackets, homework, snacks (trail mixes, bananas, almond butter, annie's organic bunnies (yummm) and other healthy treats). The cooler was filled with veggie sandwiches for lunch, bagged strawberries/bananas, water, and of course Kansas City Boulevard beer for our hostess :)

After getting in late on Friday and checking the weather like it was our JOB, Saturday finally came!!! We lucked out on the weather which was neither freezing or raining (both of which seemed inevitable). After parking at the end of the earth and shuttling in to Churchill downs... behold this heavenly sight:

I was surprised that not EVERY female was wearing a hat, I'd still say about 80% (come on people, when in Rome..) There were a lot of fun people in costumes and out-of-control-awesome hats though.. check it:

This was us inside our little area, otherwise known as the infield club. The stadium was way out of our league (high rollers, celebrities, those with connections, etc.) the infield in general seemed a sloppy, muddy, mess (with port-a-pots.... can you even DO that in a hat and sundress??). We settled on the infield 'club' which seemed the happy medium. Hellllooooooooooo no mud and real-ish bathrooms
There was also a dance floor... which we OWNED.

Word on the street is there were 150k plus people there... which i would beleive. We really didn't experience any unpleasant crowd rowdiness except in and out of our area... where the only thing that comes to mind is 'crush of humanity'.

The horse that I smuggled into/onto the hat.

We're so VIP

Despite being SO CLOSE to the track (50 yards maybe?) We watched the races via the large screens.

Who the heck is Mine that Bird???

Our worthless bet tickets got thrown on the ground (sorry al gore... but littering in for the sake of poor gambling choices seemed totally appropriate).

But hey, we sort of saw the track as we were leaving.. right?

All in all, it was fabulous. This week I will be GRADUATING, and maybe, just maybe, will eat between now and then. Stay tuned.