Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Yet Another Installment of 'Lauren Cannot Bake'

Or maybe, lauren has zero cooking intuition and common sense. Oi. So there is this recipe from Martha Stewart that is categorized as easy. Psshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhah, right. For a ROCKET scientist.

I was enthused by my new free time on Monday nights (and i got to watch gossip girl for the first time in forever, i had no idea what was going on but still enjoyed it and was inspired to wear more pearls and headbands), and my new ingredient: the grourmet mushroom mix. Cremini, Shitake, and yellow something or other made the list. They looked so fancy and interesting... I was already proud of myself.

I purchased the phyllo dough and immediately dumped it on my counter (which was a lightly floured surface, direction #1... followed). I then immediately proceeded to unroll it, even as it broke into pieces. I rechecked the directions... it was supposed to be thawed (direction #2 not followed). AH NUTS.

So I decided to toss the most hopelessly broken sheets and try to double/triple/quadruple up the semi broken ones for good measure in holding it together. I put the mushroom/onion mix in the corners and tried to wet/crease the sides to fold. Note to self: not pretty. So not pretty.

On the baking sheet... trying their best to make it work... bless their little hearts.

See Martha's picture:See the burnt flaky mess of mine below. The saving grace for my appetite was the sauteed zucchini and the corn on the cob (with lime juice and sea salt... a little DELICIOUS and tangy tip I picked up from the fatfreevegan.. i'll never go back to butter... seriously)

Two forkfulls into it and I was in a pit of slightly burnt flakes. Newsflash, I used way too many sheets at once (thanks a lot for specifying martha) and apparently my oven was too hot. too hot for the hot tub. too hot for my mushroom hotpockets.

.... and then i gave up.
And then Peyton died or something on One Tree Hill. It was a stressful time in my apartment.