Thursday, April 30, 2009

Food.... say what?

Hello peeps. In the past few weeks my backseat has had birthday/ wedding/ shower/ bachelorette/ confirmation/ baptism gifts, graduation regalia, large hats and craft supplies, books for finals, and a revolving door of suitcases. Unfortunately there haven't been groceries. I'm cringing over my sporatic vegetable/fruit/whole foods depletion over the past weeks. I didn't make anything new or fantastic to show the world. I thought i'd throw you a bone though so you could see what I was eating for breakfast this morning. Cranberries, Almonds, Raisins, and dates. Can we TALK about the dates? Medjool dates and I are in love. Simple as that. Too bad there weren't any fresh and I opted for a chopped, bagged kind with the intentions of doing some sort of trail mix thing. BIG MISTAKE. They came out of the box coated in sugar. yuck! They are nature's candy for crying out loud, they ARE sugar. It was a grainy, crystallized mess. Party foul date packagers... party foul.

This last weekend was a blur of fun, travel, procrastination (what finals?), FAMILY, and boozing. I was wearing shoes and I did eat.... so I can talk about it... right? My cousin is a bartender = brother and I enjoying the University of Iowa nightlife post rehearsal dinner. Good Idea? You tell it to my acid reflux the next morning. woof.

My aunt/godmother/birthday twin/roomie for two summers was the HAPPIEST and most fabulous bride there ever was. I probably have to stop claiming to be an emotionless non-cryer because I was choked up for the entire ceremony.... as was the entire church. These two are without a doubt going to make it, and everything about the day was so perfect and meaningful for both of them. :) This is them driving away in my mom's cousins rehabbed vintage convertable (he donned an old school tux with a cumber bun and laid out a red carpet for it... how cute is that?) and the newlyweds drove away into the sunset (okay technically it was early afternoon and sprinkling... but still). talk about happy endings!

The reception was fun. As dad was the semi official photographer for the event (he took 500 pictures.. no joke) I planned on stealing some shots from his memory card. However he gave it away the next morning to my aunt who has yet to post the pictures online (AHEM, sheila). Literally the only picture I took at the reception was of my dad, dancing in his suspenders. How adorable is that?

Meanwhile I am ALMOST finished with school (so.... close.... almost.. there!) But like the wrong-priorities kind of girl I am, I've decided to go to the kentucky derby this weekend instead of studying for finals. Good decisions, Lauren, good decisions.
Check out the hat I've been crafting. It's a sun hat I found for $2.99 that I'm trying to stiffin with stuff I found at a craft store. More bedazzlement and OBVIously a weekend recap with pictures to come.
I hope everyone has had a FABULOUS week.. filled with your... or my favorite things (re: the title of this blog)