Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My apartment smells like the Long Branch Lake Marina

Ohhhhhh swordfish i said. How exotic i said. An 'intermediate' recipe from the food network I said. Poppycock (a word i've been meaning to say more often). My apartment smells gross. As my brother said (when I was trying to describe the gross smell, as we recapped over a commercial break the events happening at the moment on LOST) that's the smell they always talk about in air freshener commercials. I made this recipe from the food network. It was basically a swordfish with tomato-ey sauce over linguine (except that i used WW spaghetti noodles because its what i had). Also the sauce was supposed to 'set' for an hour... but who has time for that B.S. when lost is on. Church on the move, fish. (p.s. the picture on the TV was supposed to a shirtless Sawyer.... no idea why i got a blurry murderous Sahid instead)
I have been claiming to be a seafood lover for several years now. Between shrimp cocktail and work events on the east coast where I eat seafood drowning in buttery/cheese sauces at fancy restaurants...... heck yes i like seafood. This was pretty fishy. Good... but hard to get over the smell. I might continue to take my more sophisticated fish when prepared by professionals. Even.... more than intermediate cooks. I actually ate about half of it and then stuck it in some gladware. It will totally be the kind of thing that I avoid in the refrigerator and then end up throwing away in-container because I'm so afraid to open it... and the bottled up aroma it is sure to produce.

So the last couple of semesters I ALWAYS had class when Lost was on... which would explain why I was so confused when I heard that Jack and Claire were related, and that more time traveling was happening, and that Cheech (or chong?) is Hurley's dad. It's a good thing that the smell of mystery and intrigue are stronger than the smell of Long Branch Lake Marina.... no?