Thursday, January 8, 2009

Book, Cook, and Bowl

I know what you're thinking... change the name of your blog because book, cook, and bowl is so MONEY... right? well actually it's more like the sum of my activities for the week (when of course you don't count working, sleeping, and continually checking for updates). My most recent concoction was supposed to be from this cooking light recipe. Too bad I forgot to print out the recipe before I left work and the internet connection last night was patchy at best. I just sort of threw in whatever sounded like it was probably in there. Truthfully I think I got all of the ingredients. Quantities on the other hand is probably an entirely different issue.
  • Crab meat (canned, no more pulling from the legs for home preparation! sheesh)
  • diced celery
  • diced pepper
  • diced green onion
  • lemon juice
  • hot sauce (gasp! i hate hot things but i had john bring some hot sauce over)
  • curry powder
  • cream cheese/ NF yogurt / Nayonaise (vegan mayo) self made combo
  • lemon juice

because the original recipe called for tons of cream cheese and mayo, my version (lacking a lot of the thicker texture) turned out relatively tuna-esque. I was in-like with this lunch. I wouldn't marry it or anything but I would probably date it, meet its parents, and then decide that we'd be better off being friends. I was trying to change it anyway, not letting it be it's full fat self. It's for the best.

Many of the afore mentioned ingredients came from my trip to the new Grocery Store downtown, which apparently everyone and their dog who lives in the vicinity wanted to see at the very moment I was there... it was packed! The building/decor/fresh selection was beautiful and the deli/bakery was amazing. For a good five minutes I gushed to the girl at the counter about how pretty their cakes were. The selection on the grocery side was slim (read: they had no orzo rice and only one kind of cream cheese) things were pricier and the parking situation is a little less than desirable(elevators to the parking garage, validating tickets... all kinds of confusing things). I ended up walking and was grateful I didn't get 10 cans of black beans or a handle of vodka. GEEZ 8 blocks seems like a long way without a shopping cart. Yes, I realize I would look homeless if I had a shopping cart downtown. I will probably just stick with grocery shopping in the burbs. Anyway before grocery curiosity overtook me I went bowling with class friends (shout out to the simons siblings and john s.). It was fun despite averaging a 75 and only getting to do a getting-a-strike victory dance twice..... probably because there were more than a few gutter ball hang-head-in-shame times too. oh snap.

Last night John made an impromptu appearance and we were at an impass about what to make. In the end I made the chicken/rice soup I had my heart set on and he made spaghetti casserole (always sounds good). I used the recipe from Ellie, and it was good. I think I used a little too much lemon, but it felt good to have some healthy homemade soup!


Also I am excited to share my new literary purchase. Because i received multiple copies of the skinny bitch cookbook, I spent quite a bit of quality time at Barnes and Noble (I'm beginning to think I could live there) attempting to exchange for an equally interesting book, possibly up the same health-food-expanding horizons. I ended up with the You: The Owner's Manual Book from Oprah's Doctor, Dr. Oz. This series of books is all kinds of popular and best selling and I've been eyeing them since I thumbed through one last year and discovered they have TONS of health info in a funny simplistic easy-to-read format. Think medical encyclopedia meets bathroom reader type-book. There are fun facts, recipes, myth busters, illustrations, and medical info and advice. I'm all over it.
Too bad school starts next week and it will pretty much RUIN me from extracurricular reading, because there are all kinds of things I want to soak in first. On the list is the People's History of the United States which I started over Christmas. Two weeks later and on the verge of a new semester I'm on page 50 of 700, so seeing the end of the book doesn't look promising any time soon. SUPER interesting though. Also when I was home last I found and old literature book from a class in college. There are all kinds of cool peoms, sonnets, short stories, etc. in there. Apparently while IN school I was too busy watching trading spaces marathons all afternoon, planning spring break, and otherwise having a mediocre GPA to go above and beyond any required reading. Oh well... college is for fun and not sonnets, right? Isn't that a saying or something?? :)