Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How do I look?

Remember that show that used to be on E! called how do I look? Well that had Anna Devane (Robin Scorpio's mother from General Hospital and superspy from All My Children who stayed at Wildwind and married that nut job David Hayward?) good times.... anyway the actress from all of that is also the host of this E! makeover show. At the very end of the show during the big reveal said formerly frump-tastic guinney pig would walk out on the stage with new highlights and usually a wrap dress and look into the camera and awkwardly force the words... 'How Do I look?'

So..... new blog format..... how do I look? To thank for this transformation we have the oh-so-talented and generous melissa who was kind enough to put together a fancier look. Thank you!! :) sidebar though: apparently the links may not work so well so if for any reason you want to link to the ACTUAL recipe that I've chronicled my time attempting to recreate then let me know and I can scrounge it up. Yes scrounge. A distant cousin to scurry.

Anyway, on to the eats! There were actually some truley fantastic things I had planned to make this week. They would've made me go overboard on superlatives, fireworks would've gone off and a choir of angels would've been singing in all their glory. Except..... it's really pretty cold outside and when i'm not in class, running errands in the snow and single digits makes a can of annie's organic spaghettios seem all the more appealing. I know, I know... that's not exciting. Well with my lack of grocery trips happening this week, below are the simpleton eats I hadn't tried before.

For lunch today I made a turkey sandwich that had Avocado (oh that's right), a swiss lite laughing cow wedge, spinach, sprouts, cucumbers and pretzels. I'm loving the pretzels on there.. except that since I threw this together on my way out the door this morning (as opposed to immediately before eating) the pretzels got a little soggy in the cheese. Note to self, add those later. Otherwise this comes highly recommended. I had it with a side of NF yogurt and bare granola. Perfecto.

This morning I opted for something a bit more fancy. There is a food blog that is so inspiring, except for the fact that it's not exactly healthy. However, Aunt Anne... you would love this guy from closet cooking. The recipe calls for scrambled eggs (i used 1 egg and 2 egg whites), sundried tomatoes, and freshly grated parm over bread with mayo (i used WW and Vegan mayo). It's like regular eggs and toast got a fancy facelift.
Last night because I didn't go to the store and couldn't spend the entire night on the sofa in PJs eating cheeze-its and dark chocolate M&Ms (don't worry, that did NOT happen the entire time the news was on. at all. okay a little) I was running out of options. Because Avocado always sounds delicious and there was one ready to go, I took any and all fresh-ish vegetables and threw them in tacos. What you're looking at off the coast of South America there (my new $1 placemat to round out my collection with American Presidents) is Fish tacos! Shrimp, spinach, black beans, corn, salsa, diced tomato and red onions. LOVELY.

And now my lovelies, I am off to work, sneak in some homework and in general waste away the minutes until I am home from work and class and am engrossed in all things Sawyer. Adios amigos!