Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I've made a little huge mistake

Greetings! Since we last spoke I've been to a wedding across the state, a shower/bachelorette combo at home, Reno for work, and even accidentally a stall in a Men's restroom at Las Vegas International Airport. I scared the BEJESUS out of like ten guys in my airport fatigue/haze of heading into the bathroom.... ignoring like ten signs telling me to turn around. I saw things. Things I didn't want to see. Shudder.
Anyway, I was *mostly* good while traveling for work. Traveling kind of makes you feel gross and out of it anyway sometimes. So nothing seems homier than fruit and yogurt from room service. Am I right or am I right? One place I even ordered my typical eggs benedict (sauce on the side, 86 the ham and add tomato slices and spinach leaves, fruit on the side) and the waitress told me the Chef was proud of me for being healthy...... at a Casino. Points for me!!!

On the other hand....... there was that one night.... that I had the lobster pot pie (i.e. an entire lobster and a gallon of cream sauce...... get .... in .... my ... belly)

Remember that Monty Python where the guy LITERALLY exploded. I feared that would happen. That would be more like a huge huge mistake.

However before we headed to Reno.................... drumroll....................... the Pink dress won! I will say that I LOVE the black dress more (i mean come on, how could you not), but I wanted to save it. I wore to a bach party (of which i didn't take any pictures....... blad blogger) and it was too dressy but it was too fabulous to matter.

The wedding was WAY fun.
And I got to see lots of friends from school I hadn't seen in YEARS. We were reunited on the dance floor, obviously. Cuban shuffle anyone? (yes I know it's cupid... but it feels so sassy and south american, no?)
Holler back DZ! And Shenanigans, naturally.

While home I made this beauty. A turkey burger inspired by a kids cookbook I have. That's right. Kids. Ground turkey combined with cut up sweet pickles (or relish for those of you with a more stocked fridge than myself) ground mustard, light mayo, bread crumbs and ketchup. Mix it up, shape into patties, bake, and serve... YUM.
I had it with roasted Okra. I'm on the fence about Okrah. It was all fuzzy and slimy but I loved the new veggie unique goodness about it. It's one of those things that I might eat again, but I wouldn't dream of making someone else do it (i.e. John).
Some other SUPER exciting stuff happened recently. In reverse order of importance:

  • I wore my DVF dress to the shower last weekend. I also had to sew myself into it to keep from gapping and showing the ladies in Johns family the farm.
  • John's mom is GIVING me her vintage dress form that was John's grandmas. They are moving and going through old things and she hated throwing it away. I CANNOT wait to get a sewing machine from Santa!!
  • The bachelorette party was great and fun and made for good bonding time with John's sister (did i mention that the dress I picked out for HER looked amazing?!) I'm going to be the best personal attendent ever at her wedding in 2.5 weeks :)
  • I realized my Southwest free flight from my work travels was about to expire. After I felt foolish for a long time for paying for flights this year and not cashing it in early.... I decided to GIVE it to one of John's friend's so he could come back to their college Alumni game. He's a teacher and is poor (hey, we can all relate) and lives far far away and often must miss epic reunions. He was SO SO SO excited when I told him he could have the ticket. It made me happy. I felt like Oprah. You get a free flight and you get a free flight and you get a free flight!
  • and FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINALLY....... my beautiful, fabulous, college roomie and BFF who is often featured here (and makes comments, yay) just got engaged and asked me to be her MAID OF HONOR! :) I'm sooooooooooooooooooooo excited! It's going to be the most fabulous wedding ever and I just can't wait. Thanks Bowler XOXOXO!

Bring on the puffy sleeves