Monday, September 14, 2009

Tell your boyfriend he can suck it

I heart headbands, big time. My head is way too egg shaped for me to be able to wear them often (plus i have a widow's peak, further making it difficult).... But by God thanks to this little lady, I feel like I can wear them post third grade.
John, on the other hand CLEARLY doesn't watch gossip girl nor does he appreciate all things head flair. When we went out this weekend I wore a headband with a large and in charge flower on it and he kept telling me i looked like a third grader on picture day. A girl in line for the bathroom at a bar we went to complimented the headband (because... duh) and I told her THANK you because my date didn't think it was so hot. She said 'You tell your boyfriend he can suck it' it was kind of the highlight of my life. That and this show.

I also tried to sleep in it when we got home. That got vetoed. Fun hater.

Probably John's highlight of the evening was this bad boy. The best freaking enchiladas ever. Seriously, I'll be making this again, I'm guessing it happily will feed a crowd. It's a Tyler Florence food network recipe that utilizes a roasted tomatillo salsa.
NOM NOM NOM. Highlights include:
  • cold, deli-purchased rotisserie chicken (this was new for me)
  • poblano peppers (because jalepenos and i don't mix)
  • tomatillos (i.e. the green tomatoes, also a first time purchase for me)
  • cheeses/tortillas/seasoning/cilantro/chicken stock/etc.
I was excited for all of the leftover it has made. Including lunch today!
In other exciting news, something super awesome came in the mail recently.

A DIPLOMA! Now my graduate and undergraduate ones can be best friends next to each other on my wall. Hooray!