Thursday, September 17, 2009

Taking it to the street

I can't decide what to wear to this wedding on Saturday, so I'm showing you some options and respectfully requesting your opinion. Okay, maybe I'll disrespect your opinion later, but that's neither here nor there.

So knowing full well that I have Vegas, and John's sister's bachelorette Party and Wedding on the horizon, I am in no short supply of cocktail dresses (hi my name is lauren, Hi lauren, and I'm a recovering cocktail dress shopaholic). This coming weekend (as in the day after tomorrow) is between the following two not-yet-worn-before lovelies.

This bad boy I got as a closeout on Ebay for $50 (brand new BCBG and I heart it... originally $375.. what has two thumbs and loves a good deal? this guy) I MIGHT also wear it ten other places so it gets 10 for versatility, 10 for awesomeness and a 10 for making my legs look a foot longer than they actually are. The picture is sort of smallish but it's Silk with beading around the collar and down the front.

This I got from Macy's for $5 (yes $5.... it was a CRAAAZY 97% discount and that day i felt i hit the dig-through-clearance-rack jackpot). However I've had it for two years and though I like it, it's always played second fiddle to whatever I ended up choosing to wear. Part of me wants to save the black one for another occasion (of which there are many, although there are also other options).... But part of me wants to just wear this one. This dress is INC and is also 100% silk. It also reminds me of this shirt I had when I was 8.... and it gets MAJOR points for that because I was quite the accessorized 1st grade fashion plate. But we're getting off track.

I thought Nickie and I had come to a conclusion last week... but here I am, indecisive.... reaching out to the internet at large. Thoughts?