Monday, October 5, 2009

Queen Alisa

Congratulations to my sister, her high school's Homecoming Queen!!

She was such a trooper in her skimpy but BEAUTIFUL BCBG dress (we picked it out together, remotely via conference call and our respective computers) and adorable shoes. It was FREEZING. I'm thinking 40-ish degrees with some seriously gruelling wind. She looked so pretty and was gracious and excited to get the crown.

Needless to say, we were pretty stoked for her. Kudos for Aunt Anne and Grandma making the trip down! Also shout out to John who drove 2.5 hours to see the last 20 minutes of the game and coronation, and then turned around and drove straight back (he late afternoon and early morning practice). What a guy.

My mom dug up my old high school homecoming crown, which obviously made for lots of fun montage pictures. Then... naturally I proceeded to wear the Tiara around the house for the weekend, as everyone should. (right Aunt Sheila and Aunt Sara? So fun)

Meanwhile my project for the weekend (while Alisa and mom were off at Senior pictures and dad was at the office) was to organize my stuff from 8 rubbermaid tubs to 4. My parents have moved a few times since my brother and I were in High School. They've always let us use their house as a storage facility (which we MUCHO appreciate, as some of our friends are not so lucky)... but because our 'rooms' aren't enshrined to us, things like yearbooks and such (that, let's face it, don't so much fit in my studio apartment that has 1.12 closets) must go somewhere. I had never cleaned out these bins and as someone who LOVES organization. I can't believe that I waited so long. Check out this beauty:
HAHAHAH.... what the heck? I blame my BFF from H.S. Amy and our love of the movie 'she's all that'.
Other treasures I found include:
  • Trays from the Panhellenic sorority house dining hall that bowler and I used for sledding, as trays at quarter draws (they made visits to the bar... until we got in trouble for that), crafting (they looked SO much better with puff paint on them) and occasionally to hold our food.
  • Love notes from junior high. Hilarious.
  • Girl Scout badges.. for camping. yeah right.
  • 293874923874982734987 newspaper clippings of us on the front page. The joys of living in a small town (cheerleading competitions, fundraisers, essay compeitions, the list goes on)
  • Old trophies from a flute competition I went to in 5th grade.
  • Old birthday cards and poems from college friends making St. Pat's special 2002-2005 :)
  • Student Council Camp pictures galore and the handbook. MASC anyone?
  • My pre-school name tag from my desk (adorable!)

    From this...........
To this... labeled and fabulous. Including one for seasonal clothes (goodbye white pants... we shall meet again after easter 2010)

Did I mention how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE going to my parent's house? It's completely in the middle of nowhere and the scenery just mellows me out. I used to not get cell service there further making it an escape (although I'm glad I have it now, how would I be able to text everyone that Alisa won otherwise!)

When I got home I had all kinds of plas for creating a Beauteous and blog-worthy meal. However tomorrow I leave for Vegas for a week so my motivation for major grocery shopping was blah at best. What to do? Obviously walk down to the bakery and have sweets for dinner instead (disclaimer I had nuts/cheese/grapes and POM juice first, healthifying things a tad).

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and congrats again to my beautiful sister (although she totally doesn't read the blog) for being the charming, smart, fun, competent, beautiful Queen that she is and making us all proud all of the time.
Happy Monday folks!