Wednesday, November 5, 2008

oh no you di'int

yes. we. did.

i have drank the kool-aid, i am filled with euphoria and hope and all of that other wishy washy nonsense that has plagued the country for the past 20 months. I feel like for the first time in my adult voting life i have had a serious emotional connection with a candidate/movement/vote ---not to mention my candidate won, that never happens.

tonight is the first night in ages that i'll be able to add food-isms to the internet world, but probably every moment until then I will sit here at my desk and daydream for all of the things that we can be: restored image in the world; helping the poor/needy/helpless; again becoming the wonderful nation i know that we are; dare I say... simmering the crazy partisan atmosphere that makes me want to slap my conservative friends; has them threatening to disown me; and makes me fantasize about sucker punching Bill-O and Karl. Okay minus those regrettable semi-violent sentiments, I am filled with patriotism and am feeling only slightly guilty that I skipped class to go to the Obama watch party downtown (which was pure pandemonium when the results were announced). But an election of this magnitude--HISTORY--only happens once in a lifetime.... and this class happens every tuesday.