Monday, November 10, 2008

My Fridge Overfloweth

To the naked eye this may appear like any 'ol refrigerator. But to me it means I have some serious eating to do before I can cook again. 2 kinds of homemade soup, 2 pasta dishes, 2 home-made dips with a zillion fresh things with which to dip, endless amounts of sandwich/wrap ingredients and many many bottles of wine. Okay, Okay there is some pizza hut pizza and wings too. Don't judge, the college roomie and I decided that in our Saturday laziness we would recreate our standard sorority house meal that we ate on the floor in front of the TV while we gossiped and continually complaining about the lack of sauce and condiments provided by said Hut. ahhhhhhhhhh good times. That said, I may have to take a hiatus from cooking until later in the week. That or somebody needs to come over to dine with me. Any takers? :)
There was one meal that I made on my Thursday night cooking extravaganza that didn't make it to the blog. I took a lovely photo diary of the steps to take to make this yummy ellie krieger dish. The pictures, they were beautiful.. Glorious I tell you. Unfortunately as I was recapping Saturday morning and in a frenzy of deleting some seriously unflattering pictures (why do i always make ridiculous faces, when 1 in 10 are funny and the rest look like something that would give Tyra, Miss J, and Jay heart attacks) I accidentally deleted the photo explanation of the above Portabella Lasagna Roll Ups. It had ricotta, mushrooms, WW lasagna noodles and some organic pasta sauce. It was also lunch today... not too shabby!
In other news Friday was SO FUN. We met up with lots and lots of fun college friends, and the night ended something like this. Yikes.
In case you're wondering it's a piggy back ride of people making tina-fey-on-SNL-as-sarah palin impressions... as promised.
I got to see friends, family, and even had Sunday Funday realizing I really AM as bad of a bowler as I had previously thought. WHEW, good thing that's settled. Tonight is class (boo) but the teacher is giving us Pizza (yay). Despite the other extremely healthy (think tofu and fresh foods) in my fridge dying to be eaten...... does this make me off the health-food band-wagon lately? eh... it's arguable.