Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's a burrito conversation... nachos!

So the BFF and I relish in finding obscure holidays...i.e. reasons to have a celebration (ordering fancy food, purchasing expensive shoes, and you know the other one). Today is apparently Nacho day. Happy Nacho day people. Ironically, the rest of the post is in no way related to goo-ey mexican food goodness. Sorry in advance, amigos.

The east coast was fabulous! Okay, minus the work part, that is always less fabulous. The brother and I were the Harlem Globetrotters for Halloween, and succeeded in performing tricks throughout the evening. That is if your definition of tricks include unsuccessfully trying to balance and/or spin basketballs on our index fingers, fake pumping up our tennies, getting weird looks on the subway before other costumed transit riders were out, taking shots, and making friends in line for the bathroom. Mad skills.

The food on the trip wasn't too notable in terms of healthiness. Company dinners tend to not be in healthy veg-friendly territory and I end up ordering things that are drowning in butter and cheese. I hate every minute of it. Sort of. On my own I ventured to a Thai restaurant and the brother and I even serendipitously happened upon a Sushi restaurant where the food comes on a conveyor belt through the restaurant and you pick up your selections a la cart. What a fabulous idea! Man... I love spin-offs of my beloved buffet concept of eating.

But I digress. Last night was the first evening where I could actually cook (whoop whoop!) I found this soup mix in the pantry I've been wanting to make. Does it technically count as 'from scratch' when the seasoning and grains are pre-packaged? let's just say yes.

Squash & Lentil Soup:
  • butternut squash
  • onion
  • veg broth
  • orange juice
  • can mandarin oranges
  • fresh green onions
  • Mystery Ingredients (of which I have zero idea the quantities) include red lentils (1 cup or so?); Bulgar, Red pepper, onion, orange peel, cayenne & other spices.


For lunch I threw in some Kashi crackers and a small spinach salad. Besides my adventures in peeling a butternut squash-- where I literally got on Youtube and followed someone's home instructions for cutting and seeding the vegetable -- my new exciting produce was a Pomegranite!
All I know is that these things are titans in the world of anti-oxidants. For cancer-phobes like me, that is sweet, sweet music to my ears. Although I've had Pom juice, which might as well be laced with gold or cocaine for how much more expensive it is than other kinds of fruit juice, I've never picked one up from the grocery store. I finally decided to pick grab one. Thankfully they had that lovely pamphlet on how to open them for remedial cooks like me.

The seeds are DELICIOUS and I'm slightly concerned I have developed another expensive habit in liking them so much. I already have enough of the 'this pair of shoes or paying the electric bill' decision making moments. Knowing I will be bankrupted my an additiction to this antioxident gem is just bad news bears.

Breakfast. Can I just say Pom seeds and bananas (there was plain NF yogurt and some granola in that mess too) are the move over strawnanna.... pomnanna is the stuff dreams are made of.
More cooking tonight! get excited. And go have a Margarita, Nacho day comes but once a year.