Monday, April 23, 2012

The Luckiest

I write to you now, sitting at my desk at work (wildly behind on my to-do list) sleep deprived but still in a happy haze from the past 7 days of touring Ireland.  In a trip I can only describe as the best one ever, I happily explored the culturally rich and complicated lands of Northern Ireland then making my way to the magical and breathtaking landscapes of western/southern/central Ireland.  This, mixed with fun and interesting people (Australians, New Zealanders!), various kinds of food and drink, and charming little towns and smiling sheep dotting the landscape, laughing myself hoarse, dancing myself in circles, and generally taking enough pictures to max out all the memory cards known to man.


Here are some of the eye candy highlights!


 IMGP7065 IMGP7072 IMGP7075 IMG_1560 IMG_1576 IMG_1594 IMG_1685 IMG_1745 IMG_1749 IMG_1758 IMG_1571 IMG_1763 IMG_1773 IMG_1776 IMG_1783 IMG_1784 IMG_1790  IMG_1673 IMG_1863 IMG_1849IMG_1850  IMG_1864 IMG_1865 IMG_1880 IMG_1888 IMG_1899 IMGP7056 IMGP7054